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The Production Channel - PODCAST EP11
Inspiring and Succeeding as a Keynote Speaker w/ Mark Sanborn

In Episode 11, Stephen Bowles and Clem interview Mark Sanborn, a professional speaker and a best selling author – penning titles like The Fred Factor and You Don’t Need a Title to be a Leader. Mark, a 30+ year veteran of professional speaking, currently is a keynote speaker for many events around the world speaking mostly to business leaders about leadership and how to make things extraordinary. 
Spotlight: Bobbi Grant
Professional Bookkeeper
Bobbi's Top 5 Budgeting Tips
These will help you close out 2021 and usher in the new year.

  1. Don't spend more money than you have. That's it! Don't go into debt to buy people 'stuff' for Christmas or any other holiday. Gifts are great if you can afford them, but your loved ones don't want you to go into debt because of them. Give the gift of time instead.
  2. Put money aside immediately. Start the New Year off by putting a little bit of money aside every payday and planning for holiday gifts for 2022. 
  3. Make a budget and stick with it. Give every dollar a name. Remember, don't spend more than you have. When you do this, you can pinpoint where your money goes. Also, this allows you to see how much spending power you actually have.
  4.  Pay off debt. Identify the smallest debt you have and pay that off first. Then, take the money you were paying towards the first debt and put it towards the next one. Build that snowball. 
  5. Start your emergency fund. Start small with a $1,000 emergency fund for those unexpected expenses. The ultimate goal would be to have an emergency fund equal to 6 months’ worth of your salary.

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The Career Projection 101
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Career Projection 101 is a resource that will help Independent Contractors, Freelancers and Small Business Owners better manage their time, money, and relationships by answering the following questions: “How do I”…  

+ Get Started
+ Get Noticed
+ Find a Specialty
+ Create a Budget
+ Find an Accountant
+ Get Health Insurance
+ Create a Financial Plan and ultimately,
+ How Do I Retire
Projection 101 Tip of the Month

Determine What You Want for Your Future
Take a moment, be still, and ask yourself, "What do I want for my future?" Whatever it is, a budget is the first step to obtaining it.

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