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The Production Channel - PODCAST EP33
Making Moves w/ Grammy Award Winning Producer “Needlz”

This episode of the Production Channel Podcast features Khari “Needlz” Cain. Cain an acclaimed DJ and producer shares about his recent foray into creating a record label, building a new studio and much more. He and Clem also talk about their two decade long friendship/brotherhood and the things they’ve learned in their respective industries.

Spotlight: Sharri Hal
Q: When did you join the CLEMCO team and why?
A: I joined the CLEMCO team in July because I saw a business with a lot of great ideas and opportunity for growth but just needed a little operational support to help it achieve its goals.
Q: What is your role in the organization?
A: I am the Vice President of Operations and Compliance. In a nutshell, I am responsible for working to streamline our operations to make them more efficient and effective so that Clem can keep his focus on creativity and growth opportunities for the business.

Q: What are you passionate about?
A: I have been passionate about health and wellness since I changed my eating habits over 20 years ago and all of my health issues went away. I’m excited that CLEMCO encourages independent contractors to focus on health and physical fitness while they are traveling. It’s important at any age.

Q: What type of ice cream describes your personality?
A: I was just at Baskin-Robbins with family and I ordered Watermelon Swirl sorbet because I don’t do dairy. It’s a combination of watermelon (sweet) and raspberry (tart), which I think perfectly describes me. I am a mix of wittiness (sweet) and intensity (serious resting face). If you catch me being too serious, you can adopt a phrase that my friends say to me: ”Stop acting like a grown up!”

Q: What advice would you give to someone that is interested in becoming an independent contractor?
A: My advice is to know your craft and be willing to give 100% to your area of interest. If your heart is not in it, it will show.
The Career Projection 101
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Career Projection 101 is a resource that will help Independent Contractors, Freelancers and Small Business Owners better manage their time, money, and relationships by answering the following questions: “How do I”…  

+ Get Started
+ Get Noticed
+ Find a Specialty
+ Create a Budget
+ Find an Accountant
+ Get Health Insurance
+ Create a Financial Plan and ultimately,
+ How Do I Retire
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