Volume 29 | Number 1 | January 2020
A Video Collection

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide where to start learning yourself or how to introduce students to systems concepts, such as change over time, interdependence (aka feedback), or accumulations. Of course, many possibilities exist, and using these short videos, available both on the Creative Learning Exchange Website and on its YouTube Channel , is just one way to do this. Each video introduces one system dynamics tool, which correlates to one or more key system dynamics concepts.

DynamiQue ST is a student conference held annually at WPI. This year, students will participate in the World Climate Simulation . This simulation is used internationally with world power brokers, business leaders, and citizens to raise awareness of Climate Change.

Working in teams representing the diverse world regions, students will see the long-tern effects of their team's policies in real-time.

Bring your students, Grades 7-12, to join us this year for a powerful learning experience about a timely and important subject!
DynamiQue ST is jointly sponsored by the Creative Learning Exchange and Innovation Academy Charter School.
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