Volume 31 | Number 1 | March 2022
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We are very excited to announce that Alan Ticotsky's newest book, Now What? A Call to Action: Environmental Systems Lessons for Upcoming Generations, has been added to the CLE roster of publications! The book helps teachers and students learn systems thinking principles and skills through relevant, timely, and interactive lessons.

Now What? uses systems lessons to help untangle the environmental challenges that face the world today, especially for our students who will be living in the world created by previous generations.

Alan, with the help of the CLE team (Anne LaVigne and Lees Stuntz) has created a graphically appealing book with visual links to systems principles and tools to aid in navigation throughout Now What?

Example Chapter from Now What?
Every lesson in Now What? uses specific systems tools and highlights the pertinent systems thinking skills. In Lesson 1.5 students research events and crises that have changed environmental history. The lesson uses two systems thinking tools while reporting to the class: behavior over time graphs and iceberg diagrams. In the process, students gain historical context for how the past has led to current conditions, and also how mental models underlie structures that cause system behaviors.

System Dynamics Pre-College Special Interest Group (SIG)

The active SDS Pre-College SIG is holding open meetings and webinars to encourage and educate teachers to use systems thinking in their classrooms.

Join the next webinar on March 24th at 1:30 EDT.
System Dynamics Hybrid Conference

The International System Dynamics Conference is an annual event where people from all over the world interested in the practice of System Dynamics and systems thinking gather together.

These conferences introduce newcomers to the field, keep practitioners aware of current developments, and provide unparalleled networking opportunities This year’s conference will be held both virtually and in-person. The in-person will be held in Frankfurt, Germany, July 19-21.

In this year’s conference, we will explore how System Dynamics allows us to generate insight into the drivers of problems and the design of solutions in highly interconnected dynamic systems with Diversity as a major unifying thread. Some of the current problems that the world faces (such as COVID-19, climate change, poverty, etc.) are of such complexity that it is nearly impossible to build adequate insight without structured approaches like System Dynamics.

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