Volume 29 | Number 3 | May 2020

by Chris DiCarlo
Technology Teacher at Innovation Academy Charter School

One of the underutilized powers of system dynamics and systems thinking is the use of the SD/ST tools to aid learning through meta-cognition. Using SD/ST tools helps students gain perspective of what they are thinking -- creating a powerful learning environment. In this activity, an experienced systems educator uses a goal-seeking loop to teach robotics.

As students stay at home, the CLE is creating short, micro-lessons that are easily accessible for this new online schooling. Introducing stocks and flows, this Splash! based micro-lesson adapts the widely used In and Out Game from the Shape of Change .

CLE Resources for at-home exploration

  • Splash! - our small simulation app for hand-held devices. Fun to play with and helpful for learning to create little, simple models. A guide called SplashCards is available for purchase from the CLE website.

  • Model Mysteries - An Exploration of Vampires, Zombies, and Other Fantastic Scenarios to Make the World a Better Place. Available to purchase in book format or downloadable.

  • Micro-Lessons - Short lessons focused on encouraging students (of all ages) to use systems thinking to solve problems.
Good luck to everyone as we all work with the current challenges. If there is anything the CLE can do to help educate and enrich your student's lives, please let us know .
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