March 30, 2020
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Pastor Harold Wimberly
"Palm Sunday is the  Sunday before Easter  that begins the Holy Week. It is the day that we remember and celebrate the day Jesus entered into Jerusalem as Savior and King. As Jesus rode a donkey into the town of Jerusalem a large crowd gathered and laid palm branches and their cloaks across the road, giving Jesus royal treatment. The hundreds of people shouted "Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest heaven!"  

Communion Sunday April 5, 2020
To All Members and Visitors..
This Sunday you are all welcome to join us for Sunday worship and Communion Service. You can prepare a Communion setting at home. Your sacraments do not have to be fancy and you do not have to leave your home to buy supplies. Any type of crackers or bread will work—along with any type of juice you already have. It might be a good idea to get your items ready on Saturday or before church starts on Sunday. Our pastors will take us through the communion service along with praying over your sacraments remotely.
Join us on facebook at Christian Love Fellowship Ministries International on Sunday at 10:30.
If you need help getting set up to view our services or tuning into various Bible Studies, please feel free to ask for help. You will need a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer. Please send a message to: . It would be best to get your questions answered during the week so you're all set before Bible Study or church service begins.

Please Note: You can also view the Sunday message on You Tube. The link will be posted on our facebook page Sunday Afternoon.

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"Don't Let Fear Steal Your Mind"
Pastor Harold Wimberly

March 29, 2020

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Please keep the following or people or situations in your prayers:

(updated March 30, 2020)

Our community, our nation, and our world

Carolyn Oats—Aunt to Tracy Bond

Donahue & Claudette Pitman—Parents of Pastor Nagash Clarke

Martha-Ann Moore—Aunt to Pastor Charissa Clarke

Note: All four of the above persons have
symptoms of the Coronavirus

Pastor Stacy Blunt—in the loss of her father

Sister Anita Kerridge—is going throughcancer treatment
and living at her son's house

Brother Fred Webster

Brother Eddie Jones—had hip replacement surgery

Pastor James Green—for continued
improvement with his eyesite.

Brother Gary Blunt, husband to Pastor Stacy Blunt

Brother Billie Cowart
Sister April Jackson--who needs a kidney transplant

Brother LaFaid Johnson, for overall health
improvement— and who needs a kidney transplant.

Brother Charles and Sister Sylvia Dickerson—
health improvement

Mother Margaret Crawford and family

Sister Mae Buckner

The Raymond Cook Family

Mother of Veronica West

Sister Jacque King's uncle who has Dementia—
and is now in hospice care

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12:00 Noon Bible Study—See Zoom instructions below
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Starting April 1st

Palm Sunday April 5, 2020
Good Friday April 10, 2020
Easter Sunday
April 12, 2020
Christian Love Fellowship Ministries International
1601 Stamford Blvd, Ypsilanti MI. 48198

Our Community Issues:
Our Church is located in Superior Township which is in Ypsilanti. We are located in a low socio-economic community surrounded by subdivisions with a mixed range of family income. The school district that surrounds our community was consolidated several years ago with the Ypsilanti Community School district leaving only two schools in our community. Both elementary schools are considered low performing based on state measures.
We have a very small recreational department without a facility to conduct programming. The community has limited playgrounds that attract children and no programming that will attract older teens and families.
My wife and I decided to start running summer programs that would provide our local community with activities that would engage our children and families. Our very first program started 10 years ago in collaboration with the Washtenaw County Sheriff Office and Community Engagement division. 

Ballin on the Blvd 3on3 Community basketball tournament:
  This program is a free 3 on 3 basketball tournament for all ages. It’s a 6-week program that allows girls and boys 13 and under and 14 and up to compete in a once a week basketball tournament for gift cards, trophies, basketballs, and t-shirts. The Washtenaw County Sheriff Deputies and Fire Department also participate in the program with the kids. During this program we also partner with  All Things Artistic Ministries Inc.  to do take home arts and craft projects for the 6-weeks. Food Gatherers provided hot meals, and the Book Club which during the program reads stories to kids and pass out books for them to keep.

Community Food Distribution Program:
This program allows us to partner with Food Gatherers in order to distribute free groceries to all the families that reside in the local housing community every 4 th  Saturday. We were able to pass out over 60,000 pounds of food in 2019.   

Common Ground Community Picnic:
This program is going into it’s 4 th  year summer of 2020. It’s focus is bringing the entire community together for one big picnic with bounce houses, backpacks, petting zoo that’s totally free for youth and families to enjoy and meet their neighbors. Year 1 we had approximately 200 youth and families attend and we gave out about 168 backpacks filled with school supplies. Year 2 we had approximately 300 plus attend and we were able to double our backpack giveaways. In Year 3 we partnered with the Washtenaw County Sheriff Office and made the event twice it’s size and we were able to serve over 650 people. August 2020 will be our 5 th  annual Community Picnic with hopes of growing it to be even bigger.

Gifts of Love Christmas Program:
This free program is going into its 3 rd  year. This program was created to ensure that children and families would have toys for their children ages 1yr-12yr old. We were able to partner with Toys-4-Tots to make sure children were able to enjoy Christmas. This past Christmas we were able to supply over 400 children with bags filled with toys. 

Soaring Scholars Academic Tutoring Program:
This is our after school tutoring program at Holmes Elementary School in our community. We adopted this school over 4yrs ago in an attempt to assist in improving the academic learning environment. Over the course of 4 years we have made some significant improvements in some students, but we have created an environment were the students love to learn and we have made learning fun for them. Students attend 2 days a week after school. The program is respected by the teachers and they assist from time to time whenever they can.
These are just a few of our attempts at addressing some of the major issues we have recognized in our community. There is so much more that we as a Church body can do, but our resources are limited. 

Some of the needs that we feel would assist even more are as follows:
·        Purchase of one or two 15-passenger vans that would allow us to pickup youth and families for events and programming. It would also allow us to transport children outside of their perspective neighborhoods for fieldtrips.  We could better assist seniors and disabled residents in getting to Church for service and programs.
·        We would love to start a job training course in partnership with our local County Michigan Works program. We would need at least 20 chrome books and a mobile charging port.
·        The ability to supply 3 of our rooms with large screen TV’s for teaching classes and meetings.
·        We are looking to improve our kitchen to becoming a licensed commercial kitchen so that we can feed larger quantities of youth and families without having to pay for catering. 

 Pastor Harold and Angela Wimberly
An Encouraging Word
Encouraging Word Article #20
March 30, 2020

Keep your guard up

Can’t see the forest for the trees!  What does this statement really mean?  Sometimes in life we are faced with challenges that are up close and personal; so personal that it blinds us to the bigger reality that is around us.  Don’t get too focused on the immediate that we become oblivious to the bigger picture that has more threatening consequences.  Sometimes if we pause a moment and look at the big picture,  we discover that what we are dealing with right in front of us, is small stuff compared to what is going on in the wider picture; now you are caught off guard.  If we allow what is right in front of us to completely corral our vision, we will be ambushed.
The point I’m trying to make is that we can’t allow the incidents that pop up in life to hold our attention so close that we are oblivious to the bigger more threatening events around us.  The bible tells us to be alert and sober minded; which means to pay close attention and don’t be distracted (1Peter 5:8).
Pastor J
Until next time

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March 24, 2020 (8pm-8:30pm)
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