May 2019


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Short Hauls
  • Two Case Studies Released.  Click here to read how two of CLI's accounts have improved their businesses through the use of FACTS technology.  Baton Rouge Cargo, from Baton Rouge, LA, provides regional coverage in the Southeastern part of the US and specializes in first and last mile service.  C&M Forwarding, located in Rochester, NY, provides nationwide freight services and provides customized solutions for their clients.
  • Happy TrailsGary Snyder, who has been with CLI for 15 years, will be retiring this month.  Gary will pursue his passion for the outdoors and camping, so don't be surprised to see him and his wife in their RV as you cruise the highways.  CLI thanks Gary for his years of dedication and hard work and wishes him the best.
  • RE Logistics Chooses FACTS.  We welcome RE Logistics Corp., headquartered in Cerritos, CA to our prestigious list of clients.  Thank you for choosing CLI.  We look forward to partnering with you for years to come.
  • CLI Sponsors.   CLI is proud to be a sponsor at two upcoming industry events:

    Royal 4 Systems will hold their annual user conference May 5 -8 in Long Beach, CA.   Click 
    here  for more information.  

    SMC3 Connections 2019 will be at the Broadmoor in CO June 24 -26.  Click here for more information.
RFID in Transportation Logistics
VP of Business Development,  Barcoding, Inc.

For the last decade, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems have been used in transportation logistics to track containers, pallets and cartons. When deployed effectively, RFID can provide near to real time visibility along with automated chain of custody without human assistance in the data capture.  At the 2018 CLI User conference in Chicago, we detailed common trucking uses cases: including dock door management, load validation, move/zone alerts, and yard management.  From a technology adoption perspective, RFID in yard management is accelerating.  It's common today for modern yard management systems to provide a return on investment in less than a year while driving operating efficiency in perpetuity.  
A novel and cost-effective way to deploy RFID in the yard
In order to increase productivity and eliminate human intervention, some organizations will automate inbound and outbound gate processing by affixing permanent tags on their own fleet. This will then automatically arrive and depart the trailers at the gate.  By integrating other TMS and telematics capabilities, notifications are made as early as when a trailer has entered the geofenced area close to their facility.  Multiple process improvements result in this level of automation.   

RFID tags can also be affixed to trailers in the yard.  RFID readers are then positioned at yard gates to accelerate gate processing activity for inbound trailers, improve load visibility for trailers entering the yard, and enable proactive carrier notifications.
Shunt units can also be equipped with RFID readers, antennas, cellular and GPS technology.  This hardware, combined with management software, transforms the shunt trucks into continuous trailer polling machines, providing real time location information on trailer location, contents, moves and changes.  This approach eliminates the need to stand up a network over large areas, which may be cost-prohibitive. 
That's great but what is the benefit
First it's visibility- both from a real-time and historical perspective.  Better intelligence on labor and third parties enables better decision making, because firms can manage what they measure.  Dynamic task dispatching further maximizes shunt driver productivity.  As a result, these
systems can drive double-digit reductions in trailer dwell time, double-digit improvements in shunt efficiency (by increasing moves per hour/per day), reduction of overtime, and significant increases in asset utilization.  Ultimately automating yard management with RFID facilitates effective yard planning, enables the development and enforcement of rules, streamlines operations, and enables process improvement. 

About Barcoding Inc.
Very simply, they focus on business processes, people and technology in order to create a solution that will drive efficiency, accuracy, and connectivity. With extensive subject matter expertise in data capture, labeling and printing, and mobile computing, Barcoding trusted to build and manage solutions for some of the best IT and operations teams in the world.Click here for more information.

Employee Spotlight
Robert Mangan

Robert Mangan
Robert Mangan is a Software Implementation Specialist at CLI.  He manages system installations at our new clients and assists in ensuring the process runs as smoothly as possible.  

Robert's work in technology has included roles as a business analyst, programmer and project manager.  He has an MBA from New York University and a BS in Economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.  Robert has diverse industry and functional expertise, which includes content management, eCommerce, finance, shipping, web search and web analytics.
Robert and his wife Dawn reside in Fishkill, NY.  Robert has served as an adjunct lecturer at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY.  He enjoys riding bicycles and studying history.

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