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Week of July 17th, 2023

Cornhole this Friday, 7/21 @ 38 West Seminary (behind the spash pad at Suhr Park)

John's usual--

Well, we all survived our first week without Rhonda. I know that there were some transportation glitches as we staff got used to our new assignments. If you were one of the people that had to be patient with us, thank you for that! I do need to talk a little bit about our community employment transportation, because I know that there was some frustration with longer trip times.

It's not a secret that CLI is having a hard time finding new employees. We're picky because we need to be. We are short-staffed. Also, community employment transportation is an expensive service (staff time+vehicle cost+fuel+insurance). For these two reasons, it is necessary for passengers to ride share. This means that there may be 1 or 2 other stops on your way home, which means that your ride home will take longer than a typical taxi ride home. We know that sometimes there is an important reason why someone might have to be home at a certain time on certain days. Let us know ahead of time about that and if we can run a special trip on that day, we will! Public transportation in rural areas is problematic. There's a reason why there aren't many transportation providers. For CLI it's tough to cover the costs and juggle staff around. But we also know that for our clients, it can be inconvenient. Please let me know about frustrations and I promise to do what I can. We know how important your ability to get to & from your job is.

Thanks to the advocacy of Ohio's DD system (such as private providers, County Boards of DD & DODD)-- Ohio will be significantly raising the reimbursement rates for DD services. This is a big deal because other than a 2% increase during the pandemic, these rates have been unchanged for more than 20 years! CLI is sending out thank you cards, but we'd appreciate if some of our clients and families would also make their appreciation known. Even with these increases, CLI is going to have to watch our loose change, but without the increases I don't know how long we could continue to do what we do. Part of why providers like CLI have a hard time recruiting staff is that our jobs often pay less than easier jobs elsewhere. Nothing good or long term will happen unless we can make DSP jobs careers worth having.

If you are willing to write a thank you note-- here are some key names & addresses:

Representative Dick Stein, Ohio House of Representatives, 77 S. High Street, Floor 13, Columbus, OH 43215

Representative DJ Swearington, Ohio House of Representatives, 77 S. High Street, Floor 13, Columbus, OH 43215

Senator Nathan Manning, Senate Building 1 Capitol Square Ground Floor 039. Columbus, Ohio 43215

Director Hauck, Ohio Department of DD, 30 E Broad St, Columbus, OH 43215

Superintendent Kari Smith, HCBDD, 306 South Norwalk Road West, Norwalk, Ohio 44857

That's all I have for this week-- other than please join us this Friday evening for our first cornhole tournament. It's a good time and you don't have to be great to have fun. Happy birthday to all the CLI clients & staff who were born this month. There's a bunch!


We finally had good weather for our scheduled sailing class at the Sandusky Sailing Club!

Firelands Local LLC

Click here if you'd like to work with us -- pay starts at $10.11 per hour!

James Johnson 419-921-6400

Sandusky Concert schedule

Party at the Pier (all shows happen at 7:30 p.m. Thursdays)

• July 20: Dan May with the Eaglesons

• Aug. 3: Bronx Country

• Aug. 17: Rumours, a Fleetwood Mac tribute

• Aug. 24: The Ten Band, a Pearl Jam tribute

• Aug. 31: Carlos Jones & The PLUS BAND

Are you into gaming? CLI hosts a gaming hour every afternoon at the FL Workshop at 2pm!

Announcing CLI's newest service exclusively offered to people who are community employed--

 because there's more to life than the daily grind!

We believe that lifetime learning and playing shouldn't stop after high school or after you get your

first "real" job! CLI wants to help you continue to grow and/or to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

CLI's Good Works Cafe offers a free community lunch every Friday afternoon at the Norwalk Reservoir Clubhouse.

Thanks to the generous donations (money & food), CLI is able to take care of our neighbors and also get some real life restaurant and customer service job training.

If you'd like to learn more or would like to donate to this cause--

please contact Jen Swicker by phone at 419-706-6221 or by email at

Question of the week

Q: If I know somebody who's interested in working for CLI, how do they apply?

A: It's a very easy process. There is an online application on the website ( but they can also just directly contact John, Jen, or Holly directly. We interview all applicants. We are choosy though. We're not worried about exact experience in the DD field, but integrity, work ethic, and a healthy amount independent common sense are absolute must haves!

We love when potential candidates apply by email and tell us why they are interested and what they think they want to do (and maybe why they think they can do it). If you know of anyone interested, the email address for them to apply is:

Video(s) of the Week:

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  • increase the earnings, status & quality of life of people who support people with developmental disabilities
  • actively work to improve the communities in which we all live
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