May 16th, 2022
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John's usual--

James Johnson's been doing a good job finding work for CLI subsidiary, Firelands Local LLC. He estimates that Firelands Local Document Destruction's revenues for Fiscal Year 2022 (which ends on 6/30/22) will be approximately double what they were in 2021. In addition, he's brought a fair amount of in-house work back to the workshop building-- AND developed on-going work crews at MTD in Willard. Now if we could only find people that wanted to work . . .

James is seriously looking for more workers. Firelands Local LLC can hire anyone, regardless of DD service eligibility. He's even paying incentives for referrals.

For anyone who does qualify for DD services, if you are interested in earning money while you work on vocational skills, CLI & Firelands Local LLC might be a good fit. As you know, legally what CLI does has to be focused on a long-term goal of integrated community employment. However, we know that most people need money right now-- and we think that the best training is on-the-job-training. The way our model works is that Firelands Local LLC provides the employment-- including rides to & from the worksites. If someone needs a little more help than just a ride to work, then CLI staff are available to help with additional supports.

For those of you who enjoyed CLI's Cornhole Tournament Series last year-- we're bringing back. We are losing our field to the new Splash pad scheduled to fill the green space at Suhr Park, BUT we think the City of Norwalk is going to allow us to relocate our field of play to the first block of East Main in front of Kenilee Lanes. We'll keep you posted. In the meantime-- save the following 4 dates:
  • Friday, June 24th 5 pm - 9 pm
  • Friday, July 29th
  • Friday, August 26th
  • Saturday, September 24th
Each event will offer cash prizes & other opportunities to win $. The final September event will be the big finale with a Chili Cook Off and a Reverse Raffle, which is part of every cornhole participant's entry fee throughout the summer. These were a lot of fun last year and we're looking forward to this season.

Norwalk's Market in the Park started last Tuesday afternoon. These happen every Tuesday afternoon during the summer with lots of local vendors. CLI's booth features baked goods, craft soaps, and refurnished furniture. CLI clients make these products to raise money that they can donate to other local charities that catch their interest. Even if you aren't in a buying mood, stop in & say hello if you are uptown on a Tuesday afternoon.

I'm still getting lots of questions about when CLI will stop making people wear masks in the vehicles. The short answer is that we're planning to keep them on for a while longer. We know that they are a pain and that we all hate wearing them. Trust me-- staff hate wearing them too. However, we all share the same small amount of airspace in a vehicle and CLI can't afford to have anyone sick right now. Better getting a ride with a mask, than no ride at all because the staff has to stay home because they are sick. Obviously we don't want our clients or their family sick either, but the reality for us at CLI is that we are very thinly spread. If the staff that normally picks you up is sick, there probably isn't a backup available. Just be patient for a while longer.

That's all I have for this week. I hope everyone got the chance to get outside this weekend. The weather was way better than forecasted. That's a big deal in Ohio!
More Boots To Grasses pics from Jill.

Awesome organization.

Visit them at
In case you're wondering what day it is-- according to it might be:
FAQ of the week:

Q: Why is the month of June blocked off on the CLI calendar? Is CLI open during June?

A: CLI is absolutely open for business in June. We highlighted it on our calendar because we want to do some special programming that month because we thought it would be fun-- and because CLI does a lot of OOD Summer Youth Services during the month of June that we thought would disrupt our normal routines. We wanted to let people know that June's routines might be a little different. BUT-- we are definitely open next month. We know that people count on us.
CLI & Firelands Local have new opportunities for paid vocational training. So, for those of you who have been asking when the workshop will be open-- this is it.

Full-disclosure, it's going to be a mix of paid work at the workshop, or perhaps another community work place AND classes or activites related to long-term goals of community employment.

Interested? Space is limited, so talk to your SSA today.
Working together to hit that last box to make quota on the new "foam" job
Firelands Local LLC
Got Wood?!
Anyone looking for wood for a bonfire
-- or maybe even to heat your house because evidently we're not all the way
done with snow yet?
James & Firelands Local are giving it away. Just find a friend with a truck & show up!
James Johnson j[email protected] 419-921-6400
Good Works Cafe
CLI's Good Works Cafe offers a free community lunch every Friday afternoon at the Norwalk Reservoir Clubhouse. Thanks to the generous donations (money & food), CLI is able to take care of our neighbors and also get some real life restaurant and customer service job training.

If you'd like to learn more or donate--

please contact Rhonda White by phone at

-- or by email at [email protected]
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  • actively work to improve the communities in which we all live