Week of July 5th, 2021
What can people do with STEP services?
The Vibrant Volunteers went exploring during their STEP service on Tuesday. The Allen Memorial Art Museum, located in the heart of Oberlin, was the perfect spot to take a break from the heat! The Museum offers lots of virtual art programming and is admission is free! Currently they have several pieces on display of Andy Warhol's as well as Claude Monet's infamous Wisteria painting.  
Balance Mind and Body worked their brains. They completed an Escape Room using problem-solving, decision-making, and teamwork.

"It Makes Sense" made "sensory snakes"-- you'd have to ask them what that's all about!
John's usual excuses & apologies--

Just a reminder that regular CLI programs (including the Good Works Cafe) are closed this week, July 5-9.

I'll be the main point of contact this week. All CLI staff were told to put vacation messages on their phone and email-- and then they aren't allowed to check in at all. I want people 100% off for the whole week. If anyone deserves a break-- it's the 15 other people that make CLI work.

CLI's regular program calendar for 2022 is set. There are 3 weeks that regular CLI programs will be closed-- however, we'll be building special day activities during at least 1-2 of those shutdown weeks. Keep this in mind. We'll be pushing signups for the January special activities after Thanksgiving.

I'll be driving quite a bit this week, so if you do try to reach me by phone, be prepared to leave a message. If you have access to email, it's sometime an easier way to communicate with me. I do text, but I'm not great at it. My son says that's painful to watch me do it. Kind of like that old commercial that used to show chimps using computers. Make sure whatever message you leave for me, just make sure that I know who it's from and what number to call you back on.

Have a good week & keep those hands clean!
CLI does mostly very small group, integrated & curiculum based stuff these days-- but we still know how to put fun old-school rec trips together too! We going to try to offer a few more of this type of thing in 2022 just because more is more-- and we don't want to burn people out by making absolutely everything about crafting just the right teaching moment. Sometimes it's nice to just explore our community with less of an agenda and just have fun-- like this group holding court at Schoepfle Gardens in Birmingham.
Would you like to join CLI for some fun virtual activities?
It's a bunch of loud fun!
Firelands Local LLC Update:
What a fun weekend. I hope everyone enjoyed there holiday weekend. 

Firelands, unlike CLI, will be back at work on Tuesday 7/6. 

I hope you notice the big blue arrow. It is that time again. Wed 7/7 will be our monthly drop off.
We were able to pick up 1 new production job and one other job.
We will be taking advantage of the forecast this week and getting caught up on baling boat wrap.
James Johnson
Good Works Cafe Schedule:

Hello gang! It's hard to believe summer vacation is almost here! Just a reminder that Good Works Cafe will not be passing out lunches on July 9th. I'm hoping everyone takes the opportunity to rest up and enjoy themselves. I don't know about you, but I am pumped for the Fireworks this year! 

July Menu
July 2: Ham & Cheese Sliders w/ Pretzels
July 9: Cafe is closed/ No lunch
July 16: Sloppy Joes w/ Chips
July 23: Macaroni & Cheese w/ Green Beans
July 30: Mini Sub, Chips & Dill Pickle
Donation Requests
Hamburger Buns
Hoagie Buns
American Cheese Slices
Velveeta Cheese
Ground Beef
Elbow Macaroni
Wavy Plain Potato Chips
Dill Pickle Spears
Green Beans
Fruit Snacks
Applesauce Cups

Donations can be brought to the Clubhouse from 9:30a - 12p or call (419)921-6057 to arrange a donation pick-up.

This helps us keep costs down and be able to provide meals each Friday at a low cost.

Thanks everyone! Here's to a good week!
Kerrie Close
Community Settings Coordinator
It will be a couple weeks until we have some new interviews, but you can check out all of CLI's past video content on our YouTube channel:

This alert provides critical information to caregivers about keeping people with developmental disabilities safe around water and preventing drowning.