Week of June 14th, 2021
Happy Flag Day!

FYI there were few public ceremonies that honored the flag until June 14, 1877, when it was flown from every government building for the centennial of the flag’s adoption. In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson unofficially declared June 14 as Flag Day. Wilson also proclaimed “The Star-Spangled Banner” the U.S. national anthem that same year, but Congress did not designate the song as the national anthem until 1931, and it wasn't until 1949 that President Harry Truman signed legislation that made June 14 of each year Flag Day.

June 14th is also International Bath Day & Pop Goes The Weasel Day!

We’ve reached the 165th day of the year. There are 200 days left until the end of the year.
Jeremy interviewed John Schwartz for the newest CLI GTKM segment. That should be in next week's segment. We don't have a new one for this week, but you can check out all of CLI's past videos on our YouTube channel:

Speaking of Friends (new & old)-- in honor of HBO's recent reunion special-- click below to test your Smelly Cat knowledge . . .

Fun Fact-- CLI has an HBO Max account and LOTS of screens everywhere, so if you want to pull a group of your Friends together and watch the new HBO special, we can make that happen!
CLI went sailing this week with SJSI Incorporated, which operates out of the Sandusky Sailing Club Marina. This is a great program that helps everybody get on board large & small boats--including people who use wheelchairs. It's pretty cool. We look forward to spending more time on the water this season!

If you'd like to learn more or make an online donation to SJSI, you can visit them online at:
This week the "Balance Mind & Body" STEP class enjoyed perfect June weather by walking around the Veteran's Memorial Lake Park in Norwalk, followed by meditation.
The "It Makes Sense" STEP class explored their emotions this week and even created visual charts to identify their zones of regulation
John's usual excuses & apologies--

Just a short one this week. One final update on CLI's ongoing hiring efforts. We've met everyone that applied for positions this week and unfortunately we're not going to be able to help the two young men that need a new residential provider. The Huron County Board of DD is working hard to try to find options, so we'll just have to see how this all plays out.

We had a flat tire last week in one of the Nissans. Thanks to 3 NCI employees who saw Kerrie & I struggling to unbolt the spare tire from underneath the van-- Wyatt, Xander, & Dakota-- we were able to get it back on the road. Just another example of how lucky we are to be part of this community. We constantly benefit from others reaching out to help.

Looks like it's going to be nice weather this week, so get outside. Lots of studies have shown that just moving around outdoors in green spaces is good for your body and also your mental health. It doesn't have to be anything crazy, a simple walk is great.

We're getting ready to kick off a focused fundraising effort to make Kenilee Lanes completely wheelchair accessible. Thanks to previous fundraisers and a generous donation from the estate of Bill Pietz, we've already got $25,000 in that account. The estimate for the full renovation is north of $125K, so we've got a ways to go. CLI traditionally raises money for other local groups, not ourselves, so we'll have a bit of a learning curve as we ramp this campaign up. We think that this will be a project that lots of different people in the community will get behind. Accessibility issues impact CLI clients and also many military veterans, senior citizens, and others.

Have a great week. Keep those hands clean!

Betty Lynch said that we need to include a link to all CLI staff phone numbers & email addresses. And since we're certainly not willing to pick a fight with Betty (she's pretty scrappy)-- here it is:

Would you like to join CLI for some fun virtual activities?
It's a bunch of loud fun!
“Patriotism is not short, frenzied outbursts of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime.”

Firelands Local LLC Update:
It's hard to complain when your day at the office involves taking a ferry to the islands . . .

Firelands Local Document Destruction has a customer service radius of more than 60 miles around Norwalk.

Last week was our monthly trip to shred customers on South Bass Island.

Have a good week & stay safe!
James Johnson
Good Works Cafe Schedule:

Happy Monday everyone! 

Here is the June Menu for Good Works Cafe. I've also included a list of items needed for July.Donations can be brought to the Clubhouse between 9:30-12 or they can call me to arrange a donation pick-up. This helps us keep costs down and be able to provide meals each Friday at a low cost. 

Thanks everyone! Here's to a good week!

This month's menu:
June 4 - Sloppy Joes & Chips
June 11 - Chicken Salad Sandwich & Fruit
June 18 - Hot Dogs & Baked Beans
June 25 - Baked Ziti & Italian Bread

Kerrie Close
Community Settings Coordinator