Week of October 5th, 2020

Thanks to Bill & his family for sending in these great pictures of Bill enjoying the last warm bits of summer!
CLI is all in on Ohio's new STEPS services. We hope that this is the new direction that Ohio is going even after we've worked all the way through this pandemic (2021?).

However, 2 things to remember-- first, at CLI we always are ok with you ordering off the menu. Being all-in on Person-Centered means that we need to actively keep working to bend our services in the direction that each individual client wants.We just figured with STEPS being so new and people not knowing what to imagine, we'd start with some ready-made curriculum.
Second, STEPS is almost always less than a full day of service. We know that is a problem for some people who need to be able to count on 6-8 hours per day. There are some restrictions with STEPS right now, the biggest issue being that you can't participate in a STEPS program and a facility-based program on the same day. That may change. However, in the meantime, we may be able to blend some other services, like HPC to build out a longer day that fits better into your budget. CLI will work with your SSA to help you navigate this. However, this is new for all of us, so be prepared to be patient. For the record, we think that pushy is good too. Pushy, polite and patient. All good "P" words in our book.
"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment."
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson
Here are a couple hardy community volunteers helping out a local food distribution outreach through CLI's VIBRANT VOLUNTEERS STEPS program.

Find out more about OHGO at www.OHGOReach.org. Good job guys!
CLI might be amount the first to create a smash-up of Bob Ross, crowd-sourcing, and a vaudevillian bit where there's two people in a single costume and one person's hands feeds the face of the other without being able to see anything? Well, turns out it's pretty funny--even without alcohol-- to have our artist in residence, Tabitha, dab paint on a canvas while 30 people shout conflicting instructions at her over Zoom.

Honest, it really started out as everybody making art, but lifting up all those brushes was way too hard! There have been possible complaints of censuring in trying to keep the final product fit some pretty loose decency standards.

If this sounds like a virtual brawl that you'd like to be part of, email Tab by clicking on the button to the left.
John's Usual Excuses & Apologies--

Well, apparently in the artwork above, I'm the glammed up blonde drinking a beer in the dingy. I know that it's a completely different world than the late 1970's when I was in middle school-- and I'm trying to take it as a compliment. Just goes to show you the unintended consequences of what seem to be small choices. Of course I'm not telling any parent anything that they don't know . . .

So-- the backstory-- in 1999 at the end of my first year at the original "Christie Lane", that is the Huron County Board of DD-- about 12 of us dressed up for a halloween party in Mansfield. Andy K & I thought it would be funny to go in drag, so I went as a female zombie ala Phil Hartman's "Susan".

We all piled into the blue Dodge wheelchair van. We had a great time, but got lost on the way back taking a "short-cut" through back country. After passing the same trooper about 3-4 times, we got pulled over, with me driving in full zombie Susan drag. Good times (and there was no ticket involved).

That was 21 years ago and I can still be anywhere in Norwalk and there's about a 15% chance that someone from the other side of the store or the back of the BMV line will yell out that "John Schwartz wears a dress!" With lots of gusto (you know who you are).
Artistic representations aside, it's been a good week. Obviously, it's felt a bunch like fall which has been an adjustment. Both CLI & Firelands Local are interviewing right now, which we've been doing outdoors because it's easier to meet people and have a free-flowing conversation without a mask. But after one nippy 20 minutes interview standing outside Seminary-- we realized it was time to come back indoors.

With the news that President Trump has tested positive for COVID-19, it seems appropriate to really double down again on all the protocols we put in place this spring. I know that I've gotten a little too cavalier. CLI absolutely does not want to compromise anybody's health. Frankly I'm not sure that our business would survive a rash of infections among CLI staff and/or clients. I think we've all watched all of netflix & youtube-- so in my opinion, life's too short to have to spend the winter dealing with another shut-down. We're going to treat masks and other health best practices the same way we've all gotten used to seatbelts.

We are each only as safe as our worst offender. I'd like everyone's help to really encourage each other to follow the rules. That goes double for me. If you see me not following best-practice, feel free to shout out that "John Schwartz wears a dress AND lets his nose hang out of his mask."

It's going to be a good week and a good winter because we're all going to work together to keep each other safe. In fact, right now is a great time to wash those hands again!
CLI's virtual schedule:
Firelands Local LLC Update:

James Johnson

From James Johnson, GM

Last week was a very busy week for us.
Bonnie and Ben finished there first project at MTD. They did such a good job, MTD gave them another small project to complete.
I spoke with the MTD supervisor about how we did. He was extremely complimentary and is looking forward to the next crew that is coming.
We signed up 2 new customers for contract services.
We processed about 21,000 pounds of paper.
We have someone interested in purchasing the broken balers in the recycling garage.
Margaret had a tire blowout in the shredan.
This Wednesday is our monthly drop off day at the shop. We look forward to seeing lots of people.
We had a load of boat wrap dropped of as well.
As we have all noticed, it is definitely fall. The leaves are turning color and nature is showing off her wonders. I encourage everyone to spend some time this week outdoors. We have spent a lot of time inside this year. The colors and smells of the outdoors are well worth the time. You never know, they may actually make you feel a little better as well.
Who says there's NO FREE LUNCH? We know people--

How is CLI able to afford giving away free food when we (and everybody else is hustling to break-even?

It's a good question. The answer is that CLI invested a (very) small amount of seed money in April to open up a new checking account just for the Good Works Cafe. After that, it's been 100% funded by donations.

Our on-going investment now is just time.

CLI is always looking to help people give to their local community. Got an idea of something that a small group can to do to help? Let us know!
The FREE Good Works Cafe will runs every Friday at 11:30 am until they run out of meals.
If you or a friend want a delicious meal but cannot get transportation, we can deliver to you for a $20 donation!

*Donations are accepted & 100% go to future Fridays.*

Spread the word!