Week of August 24th, 2020

Mark & Deanna took cards to area nursing homes (Gaymont, Memorial Home & The Laurels) on Friday.
Brian & Cathy spent some time enjoying the outdoors, hiking, and taking in the local scenery. It's been a great season weather-wise. Enjoy it while you can! It is Ohio after all.
CLI's 2021 Program Schedule is out!

Please note that CLI has scheduled a holiday break and a summer break in 2021. This is because CLI has limited staff post-spring 2020 shut-down. As a result, it's been really hard to allow people to take vacations. Hopefully these breaks will allow some scheduled time off.

If this is a problem for your family, please talk to CLI and your SSA. We will figure out to cover as needed on a case-by case basis.
CLI knows that some people are still stuck at home and feeling lonely-- would you like a weekly activity bag? We'd like to hook you up. Just send an email to john@CLIsupports.com.
Just a couple pics that we left in from last week's edition-- mostly because these intra-hub virtual games are so fun! Our facility-based groups might have to be physically separated, but we all get lots of virtual face-to-face contact between friends in different groups thanks to Zoom & other tools. Way better than 1918!
Not to be outdone by Mr. Lucal-- Nichelle managed slow down traffic on West Main Street this past week.

Probably not a surprise to any of us that know Nichelle . . .
John's Usual Excuses & Apologies--

CLI has a couple things going on right now-- although none of them particularly exciting. DODD will be conducting a provider compliance review this fall. CLI was originally scheduled to have ours in the spring, but COVID right? Usually these reviews are done on-site with DODD reviewers meeting with people, families, etc. This year like everything else, CLI's provider compliance review will be virtual. CLI's CARF survey in February went very well, so we were ready to impress DODD 6 months ago, so I'm sure that we'll do well. The big downside is that as a virtual vs real world review, it seems like it will have to focus more on paper compliance vs. more qualitative outcomes/feedback. That's not bad, we're pretty good on paper, but we are proudest of what we do in real life.
DODD has also just announced 3 new grant opportunities that CLI intends to apply for. The first is to help providers do something cool with adaptive technology, the second is to help providers build more innovative systems of service delivery in general, and the third is to help providers transition away from being both a provider and an employer. Obviously, CLI has been shooting for all 3 of these goals over the past 4 years, so applying for any or all of these is a good fit for us.

Finally, CLI is working with Haven Helmstetter, a freshly minted, fully credentialed Occupational Therapist to expand our services to include this service. There's a link in this newsletter to our new brochure. Please check it out. As we move forward, CLI needs to expand our services to new clients-- with developmental disabilities and without. Occupational Therapy is a HUGE win for our traditional DD programs-- but it's also a way to market services to new populations. The more universal CLI is as an agency willing to help anyone, the less stigma there is about being associated with CLI. That does bother some people.

So we haven't seen Matt for a LONG time!

Mark caught up with Matt in person this past week.

Being stuck apart for so long really makes us all appreciate visits when they can happen safely!
CLI's virtual schedule:
Firelands Local LLC Update:

James Johnson
Ever seen the bucket shuffle?
From James Johnson, GM

Last week I promised you that I had more exciting news to share. 

We will be hosting a remote drop off day for the residents of Monroeville on Monday September 21 from 11-2 in the Sunrise parking lot on rte. 20.

If you are paying attention, that is one day after my birthday. I just wanted to make sure everyone had plenty of time to plan for it.
We also picked up 3 new bulk pickups and 1 more assembly job this week.
I am also pleased to announce that we have a new sale happening at Firelands Local.  We are selling lids to recycle containers for $20 each.  What is so special about that.  I am glad you asked.  We are giving away the container attached to it.  That’s right, when you buy a lid for $20 you get the rest of the container for free.  Folks, this is only while supplies last.  Once they are gone, that will be it.  We are offering these lids in 3 different collars.  We have black, green and blue with the matching container.
Unfortunately, I do not have any scheduled exciting news for next week.

If you haven't seen the recycling garage and the workshop's back lot lately-- it has literally been YEARS since it looked so good.

Nice job Ben! If you see him, make sure to tell him how good it looks. We have lots of people come to drop off shredding and it's always good to present well.
Who says there's NO FREE LUNCH? We know people--
The FREE Good Works Cafe will runs every Friday at 11:30 am until they run out of meals.
If you or a friend want a delicious meal but cannot get transportation, we can deliver to you for a $20 donation!

*Donations are accepted & 100% go to future Fridays.*

Spread the word!