Week of September 28th, 2020
Mark spent some time volunteering for the Huron County Non-Food Bank this week. The Humane Society donates large bags of dog & cat food. CLI volunteers repackage it into smaller bags for distribution to families. If you'd like to find out more about the non-food bank, you all the particulars are on a page maintained by the Huron County Community Library here:

Jill spent some time doing fall-ish stuff before taking advantage of the still warm weather to eat a little ice cream.

That sound good to you? Apparently you need to hit up Cathy Reineck or Jen Swicker . . .
John's Usual Excuses & Apologies--

CLI & Firelands Local are looking for weekend help at Kenilee Lanes between November & March. What skills do you need to work in a bowling alley? You need to be a little handy so that if something goes wrong on a lane, you can sort it out without losing a finger. You also need to be able to be friendly, even when you might be a little stressed because lots of things are happening all at once-- especially when there are multiple birthday parties going on all at the same time. You need to be honest and dependable.
Bowling alley hours are 6pm-11pm on Friday, 12pm-11pm on Saturday, 12pm-6pm on Sunday. Ideally, we'd have 3 people that would rotate through those shifts. It's usually good to have an overlap in Saturday because it's such a long day and that's the usual birthday party day.

If you know of anyone who is interested and would be good at this job-- send them my way.

It was a quiet week last week. For me, and apparently others as well. Newsletter contributions-- photos & videos were down. Just a reminder, we'll pretty much included anything PG-rated.

CLI is also looking for part-time staff to coordinate & deliver community-based services for very small groups of people. These services will be fun, but will also focus on a particular set of skills and experiences. CLI is excited about expanding new, fun services. However, we're running out enough staff-time to cover everything.

That's all I have for this week. Please send me pictures for next week's newsletter. It just makes it more interesting for everyone!

Stay safe, spend time outside while the weather is still good, and as always, keep washing your hands.
CLI's virtual schedule:
Firelands Local LLC Update:

James Johnson
From James Johnson, GM

We have completed our last drop off event. This time was Monroeville. We had a total of 15 customers. We averaged 1 customer every 12 minutes. We also collected 560 lbs.
This was not as big as the others, but still a good event none the less. The feedback was all positive. Just about everyone asked if we were going to do this again.

My plans, going forward, with drop off events is to continue this into 2021. I would like to go back to each 2x per year. I was thinking late April and September, trying to avoid bad weather months.
We have also been getting requests by other groups to hold new drop-off events at their locations.
Last week, Payne Nickles and Co. held one at both there Norwalk and Sandusky locations. They collected just over 8100 lbs. of paper to be shredded!

Stay tuned for updates next week about MTD. Have a good week!
Who says there's NO FREE LUNCH? We know people--

How is CLI able to afford giving away free food when we (and everybody else is hustling to break-even?

It's a good question. The answer is that CLI invested a (very) small amount of seed money in April to open up a new checking account just for the Good Works Cafe. After that, it's been 100% funded by donations.

Our on-going investment now is just time.

CLI is always looking to help people give to their local community. Got an idea of something that a small group can to do to help? Let us know!
The FREE Good Works Cafe will runs every Friday at 11:30 am until they run out of meals.
If you or a friend want a delicious meal but cannot get transportation, we can deliver to you for a $20 donation!

*Donations are accepted & 100% go to future Fridays.*

Spread the word!