Week of May 18, 2020
CLI is Virtually All-In!
We have lots of new formal virtual, scheduled programs available customized to each individual CLI client. However, CLI also has quite bit of FREE virtual content that anyone can tap in to from anywhere anytime. Apparently we can't charge for what Jen Swicker does on the food front lines . . .

For those of you familiar with CLI's community hub-based adult day programs, You'll recognize Brittany Swartz in the adaptive music video below. CLI has more free content scattered around CLIsupports.com-- and the CLIsupports Facebook page & YouTube channel.
Do you need help and/or a device to participate in CLI's new virtual services? CLI HAS LOANER 4G SMART PHONES AVAILABLE!
More postcards from quarantine . . . (keep 'em coming please!)
CLI hosted our first online Thursday Zoom Dance Party & also an online Zoom Bingo set-- rave reviews to both!

Hunter got crafty & it looks like quite a few people took advantage of the warmer weather last week to spend some time getting fresh air. Jim & Dana rode their bikes. Nichelle spent some time in Bellevue on her own at the Train Museum.
John's Usual Excuses & Apologies--
I hope that everyone is well. I know that all of here are excited about Ohio's re-opening efforts!

Like the rest of the world, CLI is digging a pretty big financial hole. We've trimmed expenses as far as we dare without jeopardizing our ability to pivot (again) to restart. Still, we're only able to recoup about 10% - 15% of current expenses right now. CLI traditionally has been paid to help largish groups of people to work toward personal objectives, connect to their communities and generally learn independent skills. Since nobody leaves their house anymore, we've been dead in the water from a billable services standpoint. We've done some short-term layoffs and have doubled down on redesigning CLI's services. You can check out the current list of services by clicking on the button to the right.

The Ohio Department of DODD has accepted CLI's plan to reopen for small groups in 3 of our spaces-- the shop, Seminary & 16W. That isn't a ton of capacity, so we'll need to reserve Seminary & 16W for people whose level of care requires a physical building.

Thanks for all the surveys! The feedback is very helpful. For instance, we heard many of you say loud & clear that you need to make some $$. James says that Firelands Local is ready to start putting people on the work schedule.
Tabitha (with a little help from our new Occupational Therapist, Haven) has put together a brand new WorkFit curriculum that we're excited about.

DODD has also authorized CLI to provide transportation again (1 person at a time). Just a heads up that staggered start & stop times are probably going to be part of the new normal. 1 passenger per trip is not efficient, but it is necessary for now.

We at CLI are still big believers in community, which means that we need to be ready to put our money and our efforts where the community needs us.

CLI is doing all we can to ensure that we are in this for the long haul. For as long as we're able-- CLI will help anyone-- regardless of whether that person would have traditionally been eligible for our services.

If you or someone you know needs something that you think we can help with, please let us know-- even if it isn't on the menu-- or you aren't a client. CLI is still in business and we are happiest when we are part of solutions.
“All adventures, especially those into new territory, are scary.”
― Sally Ride
Upcoming CLI activities this week:

  • CHECK IN AND CHECK UP (Facebook Live Chat)
  • Healthy Cooking (virtual)
  • Dash and Dine
  • Norwalk Reservoir walk w/ Jen Swicker
The FREE Good Works Cafe runs every Tuesday. Donations are accepted & 100% go to future Tuesdays. For a $20 donation-- we'll deliver!
  • Fun Bags Delivery
  • Work Fit Group w/ Tab
We're seeing a lot of front porches these days. Let us know if you need anything!
  • Willard City Park Walk w/ Jen Swicker
(Both FB Live)
  • Check in on our HAPPY HOUR
  • Weekly Contest Announcement 
Matt isn't the only one who is not a fan of the new world where we all wear masks!

Still, if it lets us otherwise go about a more normal life out in the world, it's worth it!

As we get ready to start re-starting some CLI programs over the next few weeks, we will all have to learn some new habits. Masks are best practice & all CLI staff will wear masks. We'll work with each client to determine the best way to ensure safety.
Live from Nichelle's, Zoom Bingo! Nichelle will be co-hosting Zoom Bingo each Wednesday at 1pm . Nichelle did a wonderful job calling out the numbers for 6+ friends. Join in on the fun with us this week! Did we mention that there are prizes? Yeppers! Winners will get a little extra sumptin-sumptin in their fun bags next week. This weeks winners are Tammy for 2 single Bingo's and Tracey with the over all win. Congrats to this week's winners & Thank You Niche!
Here's a glamour shot of Niche, styling the hottest trend soon-to be on (or-just-in-front-of) everyone's lips as CLI re-starts small group out-of-home activities. Don't snicker, none of us is going to love this part of re-integration. But safety before fashion!
CLI is getting ready to re-open!
We're putting clear partitions in all of our vans so that we can provide rides again to people AND make sure that everyone stays well.

We're excited to get back in business-- but we'll all have to get used to doing things a bit differently in Corona-time. It's worth the hassle!

CLI programs will have to shift to 100% small groups that DON'T rub elbows with other small groups. This won't be too new for us. We've been pushing this service style for almost 4 years now. Still, this will be a learning curve for all of us, so brace yourselves!
We want to make sure that these weekly activity/information updates reach all CLI clients & their families. All it takes is an email address!
Click here to get on the email list.
CLI will never share your info without permission.
Other Community Activities & Resources:
·      Call  1-800-720-9616  to connect with trained counselors.
·      Call from 8 AM to 8 PM, seven days per week. After 8 PM, the CareLine will forward to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.
Check out "Huron County MOVES"
- a fun opportunity to be active with a chance to win prizes! 
What is it? A virtual fitness challenge, created through a partnership between Levels Gym (Willard); Norwalk Parks & Recreation (Norwalk);Willard Parks & Recreation (Willard); Huron County Family & Children First Council; Determination Nutrition (Willard); and Willard Community Connections (Willard). The purpose is to encourage Huron County families to get active, by walking, running or riding a bike, tracking their progress, and submitting via email to us on a daily basis. Prize baskets awarded on a weekly basis.
Firelands Local Update:
From James Johnson, GM--

I am looking forward to getting more people on the schedule after this week. Even on our reduced pick-up schedule for the past month (on-call to essential businesses only), it's been hard to keep up.

One thing that will be very different as everything opens back up is that Firelands Local will be required to have much smaller work groups. Our shred program has steady employment available, but the days of 4-5 people clustered together feeding a conveyor belt are behind us for sure. Shredding will be the first jobs to start calling back workers, so we'll be reaching out to individual shred crew members soon. In the meantime, stay safe!
See you soon, Stay Safe!
UPDATE Regarding the 2020
FREE Community Shred Day--

CLI will NOT hold our annual free shred event on a specific day-- BUT we will still provide YOU with 500 pounds destroyed for FREE -- all you need to do is call James Johnson to schedule at
419-921-6400 or email him at James@firelandslocal.com

Firelands Local Document Destruction
will resume regular pickups beginning Monday 5/18. We will also begin taking drop off material on
June 1, but you need to call to
schedule your drop-off time!

Just a reminder that we are requiring all shred customers to sing off on allowing us 10 days to destroy materials. Material will be staged in our locked secure (alarmed) shred room before we actually shred it. This will ensure that we don't bring any live virus into our space and the shredders where it could become airborne.
Spread the word!