Week of May 4, 2020
More postcards from quarantine . . .
Christina thought she'd get a little solo b-ball time, but then Dana had to jump in & school her. Word is that the regulation court is being installed next week. These ladies seem to be setting a high fitness bar for the rest of us!
Mags is getting a little too comfortable in the shred room (left) & the guys took advantage of finally getting some warm sunshine!
Thanks to everyone that sent in pictures this week Keep them coming!
John's Usual Excuses & Apologies--
Just a quick one this week. CLI is getting ready to slowly begin expanding our services again. This will be a slow, gradual process.

We won't be able to do it all at once, so part of what we need do right now is figure out how many people are ready to do stuff-- and what kinds of things-- and how long and often. CLI will be very cautious as we rebuild new services. Things will look very different. Safety is always our main concern.

Look for a short survey to be delivered in this Wednesday's activity bags. Please fill it out and give it back to the crew next week. Your feedback is important-- even if you aren't ready start doing anything with us yet.

Thanks. Have a good week. Stay safe. Feel free to get in touch with questions or concerns. My phone number is 419-706-5137 & my email is john@CLIsupports.com.
“The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word 'crisis.' One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger--but recognize the opportunity.”
―  John F. Kennedy
The FREE Good Works Cafe drive-thru is open for lunch every Tuesday. All tips & donations go toward buying more food either for future Tuesday Cafes or will be donated to area food banks.
For a $20 donation, we'll bring lunch to you!
Upcoming CLI activities this week:

Monday, May 4th
Facebook Live Chat
Healthy Cooking (virtual)

Tuesday, Cinco de Mayo
Dash and Dine
Norwalk Reservoir walk w/ Jen Swicker

Wednesday, May 6th
Fun Bags Delivery
Work Fit Group w/ Tab

We're seeing a lot of front porches these days. Let us know if you need anything!
Thursday, May 7th
Willard City Park Walk w/ Jen Swicker
Just a quick Cardio-Drumming Flashback!
Friday, May 8th
& Weekly Contest Announcement 
(Both on Facebook Live)

Wednesday Delivery #inthistogeteherohio!

Nichelle has been working on her social distancing as well as her culinary arts. CLI is going to try to get her to model some of our custom masks this week!
Of course, no busy day of social distancing is complete without an obligatory spa day, nails painted and hair curled! 
Heading Here
Still Lots of Art projects going on at home!

Got any artistic creations that you'd like to share? Send a picture or a video of the process. The messier the better!
Complying with Ohio's stay at
(on the farm) order . . .
Don't forget that John & Holly are looking for appropriate ways to thank Jenny Swicker for all of her help with John's car & Holly's chickens.
Got a good idea? Send an email to GetSwick@CLIsupports.com!
Other Community Activities & Resources:
·      Call  1-800-720-9616  to connect with trained counselors.
·      Call from 8 AM to 8 PM, seven days per week. After 8 PM, the CareLine will forward to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.
Check out "Huron County MOVES" - a fun opportunity to be active with a chance to win prizes! 
What is it? A virtual fitness challenge, created through a partnership between Levels Gym (Willard); Norwalk Parks & Recreation (Norwalk);Willard Parks & Recreation (Willard); Huron County Family & Children First Council; Determination Nutrition (Willard); and Willard Community Connections (Willard). The purpose is to encourage Huron County families to get active, by walking, running or riding a bike, tracking their progress, and submitting via email to us on a daily basis. Prize baskets awarded on a weekly basis.
Want another idea to keep things moving inside the box you're stuck in? How about a relaxing workout in! It's great for the body and the mind!
YogaWorks is  live streaming  many classes for free through YouTube, ranging from 60 to 90 minutes.