Medicare Insurance Specialty Group Newsletter
Welcome to our 4th Quarter Newsletter

Annual Enrollment is here again!
October 15 -December 7th

By now you should have received your annual notice of change from your plan. If you are happy with your current plan and want to keep it, you will NOT have to do anything, your insurance will continue for 2022. NOW is a good time to call us if you have any questions @ 865-203-2040.

Please be very careful of phone solicitors! Do NOT give your information out over the phone! If you are CURIOUS about any "EXTRA", "NEW", or "BETTER" benefits do NOT change without speaking to us first! Solicitors promise you things, but don't tell you what you may lose!! We are contracted with MANY companies and can help you.

** Remember Medicare or Social Security will NEVER call you!!!**

We are happy to help your family and friends too! Just give them our phone numbers and have them call us @ 865-203-2040.

We hope to bring you valuable information and updates on Medicare and related topics. Feel free to drop us a line if you would like to see something in particular!
~Matt & Karen Kukura
Joke of the Quarter
Why did the butter knife put on a bow tie?

Because he wanted to look sharp!!

ha ha ~ ha ha ~ ha ha~ha ha
Be careful of the TV ads and phone solicitors!! Most of them do not have your best interest at heart. We can help see if you qualify for extra help or money back on your Part B premiums.

To get "money back" or "rebates" etc....
  • Typically goes by income
  • Or it may NOT include prescription drug coverage
  • Or copays may be MUCH higher than other plans!
  • Questions?? CALL US at 865-203-2040 or 865-228-8627
Know anyone new to Medicare or have questions?

Please invite people to one of our workshops in October. There is no cost to attend and we will explain how Medicare works and all of the available options!!

Call, text or email to RSVP to:

Thanksgiving Day Fun Fact!
October 3, 1863 - President Abraham Lincoln issued a proclamation 
designating the last Thursday in November as Thanksgiving Day.

78 years later on December 26, 1941 President Roosevelt signed the resolution, thus establishing the fourth Thursday in November as the official Federal Thanksgiving Day holiday.
If you have already visited our new website - we want to say THANK YOU! If you have not, we encourage you to visit our site and please give us feedback. What would you like to see? What has been helpful?  Our goal is to make us very easy to reach and give you the information you need as a Medicare beneficiary. 

And if you have a moment, please consider giving us a review on Facebook and / or Google. All of these things will help us in the new virtual world!  See below links to leave reviews!

If you have a stand alone prescription drug plan in conjunction with a Medigap/Supplement plan we HIGHLY encourage you to review your plan during open enrollment. You can do this yourself by checking on and adding your prescriptions and preferred pharmacies. Or you can call Medicare at 800-633-4227 or call us and we will be happy to help! 865-203-2040 or 865-228-8627 ~ Be sure to have all your prescriptions, dosages, tablet or capsule ready. If you use a cream or ointment know the size of the tube and with injections know the size of the vial/or pen and how many you need monthly!
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This Date in Automobile History
October 1, 1908

Henry Ford's Model T, a "universal car" designed for the masses, went on sale for the first time.

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