JULY 2017
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2017 CMLA Annual Meeting
October 25, 2017
Nashville, TN

2017 Deck Expo
October 25-27, 2017
Nashville, TN
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John Ferraro
Executive Director

John Woestman
Codes & Standards Director

Jared Rothstein
General Manager 

Samantha Schwarz
Staff Associate
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CLMA President
Brian Lowry
TAMKO Building Products, Inc. 

CLMA Vice President
Bruce Stanhope
AZEK Building Products

CLMA Treasurer
Peter Kotiadis
Fiberon LLC

CLMA Board of Director
John Kozal
Universal Forrest Products 

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Aurora Plastics


American Wood Fibers

Industry News
CLMA Member Features
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CLMA President's Update 
Brian Lowry, TAMKO Building Products, Inc. 

Fellow CLMA Members,

I am pleased to welcome Americhem as the CLMA's newest Associate Member. Americhem provides color concentrates, additive and compounding technologies to numerous industries, including the composite lumber industry.  With facilities located around the world and over 70 years of experience in the color and additive market, Americhem's expertise as a supplier of key components to the composite lumber industry makes it a valuable member to our Association.  Welcome, Americhem!

As a reminder, Associate Membership in the CLMA, like Americhem's, is open to any firm, partnership or corporation engaged in supplying components, equipment or services for the manufacture or installation of composite lumber. Other firms taking advantage of this type of CLMA membership are: American Wood Fibers, a wood flour supplier to our industry; Intertek, a firm offering testing and third party inspection services to our industry; and, Aurora Plastics Inc., a supplier of PVC compounds to a variety of markets, including the composite lumber industry. Associate members have the rights, privileges and obligations of membership except the right to vote.

On a final note - plans continue to be made for the upcoming October 25, 2017 CLMA Board meeting in Nashville, TN. All members and associate members should plan to attend. Remember, this year's meeting is the day before the 2017 Remodeling Show/ DeckExpo in Nashville and has added an exciting and interesting feature, a tour of Vanderbilt University's Lab for Systems Integrity & Reliability.  For more information on this year's meeting, please read through the News and Events feature below. 

Thank you for your continued support of the Association.   

Best regards,

Brian Lowry
TAMKO Building Products, Inc. 
CLMA Meetings & Industry Events

2017 CLMA Annual Meeting - Save the Date!

Please join us on   October 25, 2017 for the CLMA Annual Meeting in Nashville TN!  Open to both members and nonmembers, the CLMA Annual Meeting will include a full schedule of educational and networking opportunities. 

F eatured presentation topics will include building codes and standards updates, regulatory developments, emerging research, and other trends impacting the wood plastic composite lumber industry. More information about registering will be available soon! Please mark the meeting dates on your calendar! Click here to learn more.
...In Conjunction with the Deck Expo!                           

For the first time, the CLMA Annual Meeting will be held in conjunction with the Deck Expo! Click  here  to learn more and register for the Expo. 
CLMA Committee Updates

Codes & Standards Committee

The CLMA Codes and Standards Committee (CSC) has been involved with several activities so far in 2017:
  • CLMA has participated in a wide range of revisions to the ICC-ES AC273 Acceptance Criteria for Handrail and Guards. CLMA has submitted a feedback letter to the ICC-ES staff and committee in response to the lack of consideration of ICC-ES customer and stakeholder comments.
  • CLMA members, staff, and consultant developed feedback in response to the potential revisions to the ICC-ES AC174 Acceptance Criteria for Deck Board Span Ratings and Guardrail Systems (Guards and Handrails).
  • CLMA was invited and participated in the kick-off meeting June 26, 2017 in Sacramento of the California Building Code (CBC) Chapter 7A Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Task Group. CLMA members and staff will be engaged, along with other stakeholders, in this task group.
  • CLMA members and staff continue to monitor NADRA's Consumer Product Awareness Committee (CPAC) activities on Consumer Product Awareness Specification (CPAS).
  • CLMA members are participating in discussions and debate regarding potential revisions to several important standards, including ASTM D7032, ASTM D07, and ASTM D20. 

Communications Committee

CLMA Technical Bulletins:
Read CLMA's latest technical bulletins:

Member News

Brian Lowry, TAMKO Building Products, selected as new president of CLMA

Senior Director Decking for TAMKO Building Products, Inc., Brian Lowry, has been selected as president of the CLMA.  As president, Lowry leads quarterly board meetings and oversees general activities of the organization. During his two-year term, Lowry's goal is to bring a continued focus on participation in the building code process. 

Lowry said, "This is a role that I take with great pride knowing that TAMKO helped form the CLMA over a decade ago and that it continues to thrive today."
TAMKO was a founding member of the CLMA when it was formed in 2005.

Lowry joined TAMKO in 1996. He was involved with TAMKO's initial entry into the composite lumber market in 2001, including the inaugural launch of the company's EverGrain decking line.  In 2016, Lowry was promoted to Senior Director Decking, where he is responsible for all aspects of TAMKO's decking operations, including sales, manufacturing and R&D.  

Americhem White Paper Excerpt: How to Measure Color

As children, one of the very first concepts you learned was that of "color." You learned to tell red from blue. As you grew older, you began to comprehend that there is far more diversity in colors than you had originally grasped-sea green and forest green may both be green, yet there is an easily perceptible distinction between the two.

Education on the differentiation of colors progresses little after childhood. You recognize that there is a difference between two shades of a color, but never learn how to measure this difference. Perceiving a difference in color is what matters most to a layperson. For those who make decisions regarding color, the skills to empirically differentiate colors are far more valuable. So how should we measure color?

Measuring color involves examination followed by analysis, involving clear procedures and a firm understanding of variability. Good representative samples are a must, as well as statistically valid, clean, appropriately preserved standards. Any sample must be statistically representative of the entire batch, free from contamination, the same form as a target and reproducible within acceptable limits of repeatability.

For the complete paper, email Scott Blanchard at