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Summer 2019 Edition
"I pledge ... My Head to clearer thinking, My Heart to greater loyalty, My Hands to larger service and My Health to better living for my club, my community, my country, and my world."
Welcome to the New and Improved Cloverleaves!
Communication in 4-H is imperative, and as our community grows into the 21st century, we feel it right that our newsletter does too. We are now using Constant Contact for all of our Cloverleaves. This software will make your monthly news more engaging with things like polls, RSVP's, pictures, videos, and links to other websites. A major part of this decision is to reduce cost, so we will no longer send paper copies. We will use the email address in the "Family" profile from 4hOnline, but if other family members want to receive an Interactive PDF version, they can sign up by clicking the button in this section. And copies will continue to be posted on the website so you can print them out - If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at (530) 538-7201!

Table of Contents
  • Letter From Council President Mike Pilakowski
  • California 4-H Annual Report
  • Scholarship Recipients
  • Facebook Page and Facebook Group
  • Butte County Fair
  • Enrollment Fee Increases
  • Statewide Volunteer Retreat
  • Volunteer Registration
  • Western National Round Up
  • Camp News
  • County Wide Archery Project
  • Food Safety Certification
  • Council Corner
  • Club News
  • Calendar
Open Letter to
Butte County 4-H
An Open Letter to Butte County 4-H Families

Dear Fellow 4-H Families:

As the incoming Council President for the coming program year, I want to officially welcome you all to the year ahead and ask that you consider a couple of things. If you are new to 4-H in general, then double welcome - I can speak from experience that this program has been great to be a part of as a leader and in which to have all of our children involved over the years. But I also know that at times, especially for new members and parents, things can seem overwhelming and confusing as to expectations and procedures. Stick with it - the benefits are many. Try out a couple of different clubs if you need to, as they each have their own feel and culture. And of course, ask questions. Sometimes the old timers make assumptions about things that aren't obvious to the newbies, but I know every time we asked questions as a new family, we were welcomed and helped. For returning families, just be sure to continue the tradition of helping out and welcoming the newcomers to your clubs. Don't wait for them to ask questions - be proactive and involve them from the get-go, and of course, welcome back to you!

Now, I ask that every 4-H family consider something that a lot of people sort of forget about, and that is attending the County Council meetings. Although most of the action in 4-H happens at the project and club level, we do have a county-wide leadership opportunity in the Council. Every 4-H registered adult and every Senior youth has voting rights at the Council meetings, and we want that input as we revisit policies, set calendar dates, and guide the program forward. Right now, Butte County 4-H is at a crossroads with some major changes to the financial status of the program that have already happened at the state level and more that are right on the horizon that frankly jeopardize the future of the program as we old timers know it. To face these challenges and keep this program alive and growing, we need help and we need it now - this year. Time is running out. If you think you are too busy to attend Council meetings, so are all of us. I work three jobs, serve as a club leader, and yet still find the time for Council. You can too. And to new families, don't let being new intimidate you. Indeed, my wife and I found that attending and getting involved in the County Council was one of the best ways to learn about the program from an adult perspective, why things are done certain ways, and what can be done to change things.

And finally, I ask that you consider putting your name in for one of the open officer positions on the Council Executive Board. At the conclusion of last year, only two people stepped forward with willingness to join the officer team. We still need a secretary, a historian, and a vice president. No experience in 4-H is really necessary for this, only a willingness to learn and an interest in seeing the program move forward. It saddens me that with over 100 registered adult members in the county and even more Senior youth members that we couldn't get three more people with interest in Council (yes - I said Seniors - our charter does allow some older youth to serve on the Council as officers in some positions). Your Council needs you, and the future of Butte County 4-H needs you. I am not exaggerating this - I really have fear for the future of this entire program as we know it unless more people step forward to take on some responsibility to protect it. It will be work, but many hands make for lighter work.

If you have any questions about the Council in general or the officer positions, please contact Ryan Cleland at the county office or you can contact me directly at pilakowskimi@gmail.com

Making the Best Better,

CA 4-H Annual Report
The California 4-H Youth Development Program annually produces a report on it's impact and reach, taking the time to highlight specific 4-H members, volunteers, staff and accomplishments made. You can view this report by clicking or tapping here .
Scholarships and Awards
Butte County 4-H recognizes and rewards individual excellence, whether it is in project work, leadership, citizenship or community service. Butte County 4-H Scholarships were established in order to help young people become self-directing, productive and contributing members of society. Four such members were interviewed and have received Butte County 4-H Scholarships. We wish them luck with their continuing education.
Cailin Dockendorf is a member of Chico 4-H Club, and has been involved with 4-H for 9 years. Her parents are Julie and Marty Dockendorf. She had taken a shine to raising and showing Rabbits, as well as taking on the role of being a Teen Leader for the Rabbit Project.
Outside of 4-H, Cailin is a Senior at Chico High School who enjoys competing in Cross Country Running, and Track & Field. Cailin has been awarded the Andy Bertagna Memorial Scholarship for $2000.00; she plans to attend Butte College & CSU Humboldt, majoring in Marine Biology. 
Jordan O’Neal is on his 8 th and final year with Lone Pine 4-H. His parents are Gina and Scott O’Neal. He has been involved with Rabbits, (where he is also a Teen Leader), HI 4-H, and he was Teen Director for the 2019 4-H Camp! 
Outside of 4-H, Jordan is a Senior at Pleasant Valley High School. He is active in the House of Blue, a film program in the High School. Jordan has been awarded the AL Mitchell Scholarship for $1500.00; he plans to attend CSU Sacramento, where he is going to focus on Film and Business. 
Sarah Pilakowski has been with Lone Pine 4-H for 9 years. Her parents are Mike and Carrie Pilakowski. Sarah has focused on the Goats and Sheep projects, where she is also a Teen Leader. She is very involved in this project and has been for the past few years. She also participated in Arts & Crafts, HI 4-H, and she was a first year All Star!
Outside of 4-H, Sarah is a Senior at CORE Charter School. She is involved with Volleyball, Chess Club, and Theater. Sarah has been awarded the Pete Ahart Scholarship for $2000.00; she plans to attend Butte College, majoring in Business Management. 
Cal Smith has been with Lone Pine 4-H for 11 years. His parents are Kami and Gordon Smith.Cal has been very focused on the Meat Rabbits project this year, and has been for the past few years. He took on a new challenge of HI 4-H which he is enjoying very much, and he is the currently a 2nd year All Star.
Outside of 4-H, Cal is a Senior at Chico High School, he loves to play Fantasy Football, play games & create movies on his computer, and play Golf. Cal has been awarded the Jason Young Scholarship for $500.00; he plans to attend Butte College, majoring in Business and Political Science.
Facebook Page and Group
4-H empowers youth to reach their full potential, working and learning in partnership with caring adults, in a hands-on environment. With that mission statement in mind, we want to make sure that all 4-H Families are able to receive news and information, regardless of any situation. So we have created a Butte County 4-H Facebook Page where we will post pictures and information about our events. We have also created a Butte County 4-H Facebook Group Page which will be a place for Members and Volunteers to ask questions about the program, make suggestions, and give voice to our program's needs. We hope you will request membership to both pages and assist in our 4-H Program's growth!
Butte County Fair
We are in the home stretch for the fair! For many, the fair is the culmination of their 4-H year and we can't wait to see everyone exhibit all the projects they've worked so hard to complete. Almost all exhibitor deadlines have passed. Below are links to the livestock schedule, the entire fair schedule and the exhibitor handbook.

Don't forget that you must complete and turn in the Fair Requirement Form by August 15th! If you can find it by clicking or tapping here , or going to the county website.

For further fair information contact
Butte County Fair
199 East Hazel Street 
Gridley, CA 95948
Butte County Fair 2019 Auction Sandwich & Runner Schedule

11:00 am–12:00 pm: Palermo & West Gridley

12:00 pm–1:00 pm: Lone Pine, Manzanita & Oroville-Foothill

1:00 pm–2:00 pm: Biggs, Bangor & Shasta

2:00 pm–3:00 pm: Chico, Lake Oroville & Cohasset

3:00 pm–4:00 pm: DPVE, Nord Cana & Pine Ridge

You only need two 4-H members and one adult from each club to be present. As many high school aged 4-H members as possible are encouraged to help during the Livestock Auction as “Runners”. For those unfamiliar with this event - 4-H and FFA have traditionally helped serve sandwiches to buyers and volunteer as runners at the Junior Livestock Auction as a way of saying thank you for their generous support.
Enrollment Fee Increase
Enrollment fees for youth and volunteers are increasing to $65 and $35 respectively for the 2019-2020 Program Year. This increase was voted on by the Butte County 4-H Council in 2017.

We believe that 4-H should be accessible to everyone and, therefore, fee waivers are available for qualifying families (contact the local County 4-H Office for more information).

4-H is still relatively inexpensive compared to other youth activities such as youth football or soccer (which start at several hundred dollars a season). And, youth who participate in 4-H are more likely to excel in school, participate and be interested in science, make more healthy choices, contribute to their communities and thrive today and in the future.
Volunteer Retreat
The California 4-H Annual Leader Retreat will be on November 8-10, 2019, at Asilomar Conference Center in Pacific Grove, CA. Registration price until September 9, 2019 will be 299.00 per person, any registration after September 9 will be 349.00 per person. For more information, please click or tap this link . The State 4 H Leaders’ Forum provides a weekend retreat for 4 H volunteers across California to gather for networking, education, relaxation, and fun. T he 2019 theme is "ENGAGE, ENERGIZE, EQUIP and EMPOWER". Payment is by check or credit card. The online registration survey can be found by clicking or tapping here .
Volunteer Registration
It is that time of year again!! It is time for all Adult Volunteers to start the registration process! The California 4-H Youth Development Program is requiring every county 4-H Project leader to watch the online Campus Extension Videos again this year. Leaders, (new & returning), will be responsible to watch the videos themselves online, and complete all necessary enrollment and fees.
If you are a new volunteer you will need to create a profile in eXension and returning volunteers will use their old login. This login credential is independent from your 4hOnline login. Enrollment cannot be accepted until all videos are completed, and payment is received. The Butte County 4-H Council deadline for Adult Volunteer enrollment is December 30, 2019 Enrollment fees for the 2019-2020 program year are $35.00 for adults. If you have any questions, please contact your Community Club Leader or call the 4-H Office at 538-7201. Please remember to make corrections and changes to any information that has changed (ie: addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and especially project adds or drops!) when you re-enroll for 2019-20 program year. 
Western National
Round Up
Western National Roundup provides a place for youth to compete nationally while encouraging teamwork and self-confidence, and while focusing on the 4-H Mission Mandates: Science, Engineering, Technology, Mathematics, Healthy Living and Citizenship. See their website for full details! The State 4-H Office must be informed if a team wishes to compete by August 14th, if you are interested, please call the County Office prior to that date. You can contact the Western National Roundup at (970) 213-0899 .
Camp News
The King of Cartoons (aka Camp Director Bill Anderson) would like to thank all of the campers that participated in this year's 4-H Camp. The Campers helped make camp, along with the Teen Counselors and Adults, one of the all time best summer camps ever. The weather was perfect, and the field games, archery tournament, lake, pool and nightly campfire shows kept the campers well entertained. We hope to see all of our campers come and enjoy our next 4-H Summer Camp in 2020. Finally, we want to personally thank both of our Teen Directors, each and every one of our Teen Counselors, the parents that brought their teens to our camp meetings, and also those parents that gave their time to be with us at camp! THANK YOU ALL. 
Video Credit: Nico Donati & Jordan O'Neal
2020 Camp Rockin’ U Teen Camp Counselors
Monthly meetings will begin in October! Meetings will be held at either the Durham Butte County Library, (2545 Durham-Dayton Hwy), Butte County Farm Bureau ( 2580 Feather River Blvd. Oroville CA 95965), or Durham Park. For more information, please contact Camp Director, Bill Anderson at 530-864-5572 (after 6:00 pm).

Please mark your calendars to remind you of these meetings.
  • Oct. 23, 2019 – Durham Library, 7:00pm
  • Nov. 20, 2019 – Durham Library, 7:00pm
  • Dec. 11, 2019 – Farm Bureau, 6:30pm
  • Jan. 15, 2020 - Durham Library, 7:00pm
  • Feb. 19, 2020 – Durham Library, 7:00pm
  • Mar. 18, 2020 – Durham Library, 7:00pm
  • Apr. 22, 2020 – Durham Library, 7:00pm
  • May 13, 2020 – Durham Library, 7:00pm

Camp is a countywide project. Teens, if you choose to participate, 4-H camp can be your project for the year. 
2020 dates are still being finalized, so stay tuned!

2020 Camp Rockin’ U Adult Camp Counselors
Every year, we have our Butte County 4-H Camp. It is always an amazing time! The Camper's get immersed in activities that promote the Camper's full potential as 4-H Members. It also assists the Teen Camp Counselor's with Leadership Skills that they will go on to use as potential Adult Leaders. That being said, the youth CANNOT do this alone! We need adult volunteers! There is no fee to be an Adult Counselor, you get to spend 4 days enjoying the great outdoors with 4-Her's, how great is that!
If you are interested in being an Adult Camp Counselor, please contact the 4-H Office at 538-7201.

County Wide
Archery Project
This project is opened to all youth 9 years old and in the fourth grade or older. Members will learn archery safety, shoot two types of bows, and will make their own leather gear and arrow. Two sessions of 15 youth each are offered. The "Fall" session is Oct 26, Nov 9 and 23, Dec 7 and the "Winter" session is Feb 8 and 22, Mar 7 and 21. Meetings will be Saturdays from 1:00 to 4:00 pm and all Archery equipment and supplies are provided. The project cost will be $15.00. The youth will be able to compete in the State 4-H Archery Tournament and as well as a 3-D shoot in Red Bluff. This project is taught by Archery Leader Bill Anderson who has 15 years’ experience as 4-H Archery Leader, and is also a National Archery Trainer for NFAA and USA Archery. Call or e-mail NOW to sign up at billbow4h@aol.com or 864-5572 after 6:00 pm.
Food Safety Certification
Annual training is required for adult volunteers who are involved with food service and preparation where the general public is involved. This includes all fundraising and community service activities. Any club anticipating involvement in food service and preparation activities must have at least one member complete this training. Please note that any food related fundraisers submitted to the 4-H Office will be reviewed for club compliance with this policy. This training is also highly recommended for any project leaders running a food related project. The University’s “Make It Safe, Keep It Safe” Food Safety Education is available in an online format, and can be accessed at this link . The training consists of six learning modules, as well as a pre and post-test. The post-test must have a passing score of 80% in order to receive credit and certification. Even if you have been certified in other Food Safety Programs, to participate 4-H food related events, you MUST take this training! If you have any questions, please reach out to Barbara at (530) 538-7201.
Council Corner
Calling for Adult 4-H leaders to step forward and be part of the 4-H Council leadership for the 2019–2020 4-H year! Below are the responsibilities that go with each office for you to look over and see what appeals to you.

The President shall preside at all meetings of the County 4-H Council, the Executive Committee and other occasions as may be appropriate. The President shall appoint standing and special committees as needed to conduct business, and shall fill vacancies in office with the approval of a simple majority vote of the Leaders’ Council.

The Vice-President shall preside in the absence of the President and fulfill any other responsibilities assigned by the President. The Vice-President shall succeed to the office of President if that office becomes vacant.
The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all regular and special meetings, including Executive Committee meetings; shall conduct such correspondence as may be necessary for the Leaders’ Council; and shall turn over all records to the newly elected Secretary upon completion of term of office. A copy of all minutes shall be provided to the County 4-H YDP Director’s office in a timely fashion as directed by the Leaders’ Council. The Secretary shall keep attendance and an updated delegate roster.
The Treasurer shall keep accurate, up-to-date records of all financial receipts and disbursements of the Leaders’ Council and shall provide a report at each meeting. The Treasurer shall prepare the financial record of the Leaders’ Council for audit at the end of each fiscal year. The Treasurer shall notify Section and/or County Leaders’ Council for funds due.
The Reporter/Historian shall provide external communications with media, i.e. radio, newspapers, etc.; provide internal communications via a County 4-H newsletter with members, participants, volunteers and staff regarding 4-H Council activities; and provide training, support and assistance to 4-H unit reporters and historians in the visibility and public relations area.
The first Butte 4-H County Council Meeting of the new Program Year is on Thursday, September 26, 2019, at the Farm Bureau; (2580 Feather River Blvd. Oroville CA 95965) , at 7:00 pm. This is where all the decisions about your 4-H program are made and put into action. Your 4-H Club should have one adult 4-H leader and one youth 4-H member there to be your representatives at our Council Meetings. If you do not attend, others will be making decisions for you. Every member, Jr. leader, and adult leader is invited. Come and let your voice be heard! This is a very important meeting as we would like all our clubs to start on the same page!  
Club News
Cloverleaves Submission Schedule
To get the Cloverleaves edited and e-mailed by the first of the month, articles need to be received by the office no later than the first week of the month preceding the month of the edition that we are working on. Please use the table below as reference and we thank you for your cooperation.

For this Cloverleaves Articles need to be in by:
Sept. 08/09/19
Oct. 09/06/19
Nov. 10/07/19
Dec. 11/08/19
Jan. 12/06/19
2019-2020 Calendar Coming Soon! We are SUPER close to having the year's entire calendar complete. It will be sent in an individual email to the entire county and published on our social media pages and website as soon as possible, ideally by this Friday, August 16th.
Thanks for reading - we hope you enjoy the new look!