Chicano Latino Student Affairs
Message from Ernie Mendoza

Dear Comunidad ,

It is with mixed emotions that I bid you farewell. I will retire and leave my post of forty-three years at the end of this month. 

This has been an incredible journey and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have experienced so much during my time in Claremont. I’ve had the privilege of working in a gorgeous setting and meeting many, many beautiful people along the way. I’ve been privy to hear concerts, lectures and authors speak of their books. I’ve witnessed Claremont in good times, as well as tumultuous times, and feel I have grown from both. I admit, there’s been plenty of growth, after all, I began working as a young, naive 22-year old, and now I leave as a seasoned individual whose majority of maturing coincides with the same time as my employment. I know that life will continue to teach me lessons and I am open to all the new experiences that await me. 

I would like to acknowledge some of the individuals that have been instrumental in my personal and professional growth. First and foremost, I would like to thank all CLSA staff that I had the opportunity to work with, but specifically the current Deans. Tony and Xochitl, as my colleagues it has been a sincere pleasure to work alongside you, to observe your professionalism, to exchange ideas daily all while continuing to learn from you. As my friends, thank you for making my last year at CLSA pure joy; I don’t have the words to express how much I appreciate the love and respect you’ve shown me. 
My utmost gratitude extends to the many, many students that have come into my life. You are the reward that comes with this position; you are the reason for my staying this long in Claremont. I am privileged to witness the metamorphosis that occurs in each of you during your four years on campus culminating with the confidence you display at graduation. I will miss you dearly but I leave with a full heart and a lifetime of memories. Memories of laughter and friendships forming at the retreat, mariachi performances, great conversations, community lunches, art workshops, the warmth of alumni reception--good times, sad times; in a nutshell, familia . To recognize your success is to also honor the difficult journey it has been to achievement but remember, the struggles and adversities you have faced make your success all the more sweet. For non-seniors, stay focused, you are here for one thing and that is to receive your degree. Don’t get sidetracked, stay on the path to completing your studies and you will be rewarded with an immense sense of pride that comes with the sharing of your accomplishments with family and the entire Latinx community. I am rooting for you!  

Con mucho cariño,

Ernestine S. Mendoza

Administrative and Events Coordinator
Chicano Latino Student Affairs

Coming Together to Remember
Central American Refugees
In February, members of the Claremont College community came together, alongside Mr.
Manuel Felipe Pérez and Congresswoman Norma Torres, to remember the lives of fallen Central American refugees: Jakelin Caal Maquín, Felipe Gómez Alonzo, Claudia Patricia Gómez, and Roxsana Hernández. This was a remembrance event organized by Claremont for Refugee Rights, to remember the lives of those lost, with an emphasis on understanding the contexts from which they came from. We learned about the history of Guatemala, from the perspective of Mayan communities and the difficulties they have endured, given the history of the Guatemalan internal armed conflict and the proceeding genocide. The event was centered on understanding the narratives of people from Guatemala and Central America, as a whole; we had a meaningful experience listening to both congresswoman Norma Torres and Felipe Pérez, who explained some of the different historical occurrences that led to today’s difficult circumstances. Aside from the informational part of our event, we also had a small gathering outside, to pay respects to a small altar that we created to recognize the four lost refugees. We surrounded the altar and each took some time to remember those lost and what their lives meant to each of us, always remembering that they are among many whose lives have been taken by the US’s inhumane immigration policies. We had small tokens of respect, given to each person, including flowers, personal mementos and electric candles.

Holding this event was a success for our group, as we enter 2019 with a number of serious challenges before us as students, as a society, and as humanity. It was beautiful to see so many people brought together under a feeling of love and compassion for others outside of their daily lives. We believe that creating community is central to finding ways in which we can make meaningful change in the future, not just in our time here at the colleges, but in our lives in the wider world.

Thank you to everyone who was a part of this beautiful event, we appreciate everyone’s support in making this modest, but meaningful event possible. We would like to give special recognition to Chicano Latino Student Affairs (CLSA), Pomona College’s LatinX Alliance (LXA) and Pomona College’s Students of Color Alliance (SOCA) for sponsoring the event, without their support the vigil would not have been possible.

Student Spotlight
On Wednesday, February 27th, Maria Morales, Claremont Graduate University School of Education student, successfully defended her dissertation entitled “ Parent Involvement in Contested Times: A brief analysis of the effects of anti-immigrant policies .” Dr. Morales served as Interim Associate Dean of CLSA during the 2016-2017 school year. The CLSA familia would like to congratulate Dr. Morales on this tremendous accomplishment!
March Events
CLSA Coffee with the Deans
Want to connect with the CLSA Deans over coffee? If so, join them at an upcoming coffee hour:

  • CLAREMONT McKENNA COLLEGE Thursday, March 7th (5-6 PM) @ CARE Center
  • POMONA COLLEGE Friday, March 8th (3:30-4:30 PM) @ the Coop
  • HARVEY MUDD COLLEGE Monday, March 11th (1:30-2:30 PM) @ the Cafe
  • SCRIPPS COLLEGE Tuesday, March 12th (3-4 PM) @ the Motley
  • PITZER COLLEGE Thursday, March 14th (2-3 PM) @ the Pit Stop
Claremont Graduate University: Teacher Education Program

  • RSVP by emailing Heidi Martinez,
Latinx Mental Health: Group session with Dr. Lisette Sanchez
This month's topic: Identifying Triggers and Managing Distress . Monday, March 11th, 4-5 pm, at CLSA

  • All students are welcomed to attend.
Disappearing Los Angeles
The Photography of Reynaldo Rivera. Tuesday, March 12th, 6 pm, at Balch Auditorium, Scripps College.

Diversity in Medicine
Lunch and Learn with Nanette Vega, from the University of Miami School of Medicine. Wednesday, March 13, 12:15 - 1:15 pm, at CLSA

Reverberating Voices
Central American Poet and Performance Artist, Ernesto Garay. Tuesday, April 2nd, 12:15 - 1:15 pm, at CLSA.

Attention Class of 2019!
Are you graduating this semester?

If so, we invite you to participate in the Chicano Latino Graduation ceremony!
You must RSVP by March 17th !!!
Want to be a CLSA Sponsor?
Sponsor applications
are due
March 26, 2019
Ernie Mendoza's
Farewell Reception:

Celebrating 43 years of service
at The Claremont Colleges

Wednesday, March 27th,
4-6 PM, at CLSA
Summer Opportunities
University of Illinois - Summer Pre-Doctoral Institute (SPI)
Application Deadline:  April 15, 2019
Dates:  May 29 - July 26, 2019
Stipend:  $3,500
  • To apply for this program click Here
California Current Ecosystem Long Term Ecological Research (CCELTER)
Application Deadline:  April 15th, 2019
Dates:  10-12 weeks starting from mid June 2019
Stipend:  $14/hr (40 hours a week)
  • To apply for this program click Here
Davis Putter Scholarship Fund
  • Award: Up to $10,000; undocumented students are invited to apply.
  • Deadline: Applications open January 1, 2019, and typically close in April 2019; please visit website for details. Requirements: Must demonstrate activism in the struggle to achieve civil rights, economic justice, international solidarity, or other progressive issues. Must be enrolled in an accredited college/university or trade school. Graduate students are eligible to apply.
  • To apply for this program click Here
PFLAG National Scholarship Program
  • Award: $1,000 – $5,000
  • Deadline: Typically in late April; please visit website for details.
  • Requirements: Must be a graduating senior entering higher education for the first time in the current calendar year. Must self-identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or anywhere within the LGBTQ "family," (LGBTQ), or as an ally. o Must demonstrate an interest in service to the LGBTQ community. Must have applied to an accredited U.S. higher education institution. Cannot be receiving full-tuition remission sources to fund the education (e.g., other full-tuition scholarships, established college trust fund, etc.).
  • To apply click here: Here
Job Opportunities
Private Math Tutor Needed
  • Subject: High School Math/Algebra
  • Pay Rate: $20.00 per hour
  • Local Claremont family is looking for a tutor to assist with ninth grade algebra skills, homework and test prep 3 days per week for 1 hour sessions. 
  • If interested, contact: Gregorio DeRobles at or call (909) 728-0265.
Student Trainee Census Pathways
  • You must be enrolled or accepted for enrollment in an accredited high school, technical or vocational school, two-year or four-year college or university, graduate or professional school (go to to verify accreditation status).
  • Individuals who are enrolled must be taking at least a half-time academic, vocational, or technical course load leading to a degree, diploma, or certificate.
  • You must provide evidence of your current (spring semester or equivalent) enrollment, either on your transcript or by uploading a separate class schedule. *If you are completing your current program this semester you must provide a letter of acceptance or proof of enrollment into another qualifying program to be rated eligible.
  • Applicants must have at least a 3.0 GPA.
  • Click here for more information