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September 2016
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  • CLSA Legislative Report
  • 2017 CLSA President-Elect Election Results
  • Two-Person Crew Mandate Survey
  • Patrick Tami elected NCEES President-Elect
  • California Surveyor Article Deadline
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CLSA Legislative Report
Ralph Simoni
CLSA Legislative Advocate

The California legislature is in the final stages of the 2015-2016 Legislative Session and will adjournment on Wednesday, August 31. Governor Brown has until September 30 to act upon legislation sent to him by the legislature. Unless legislation contains an urgency clause or a delayed operative date, all enacted legislation become law effective January 1, 2017.

The CLSA Legislative Committee reviewed many bills throughout the session that directly affect the land surveying profession and indirectly affect the business environment and governmental process within which the profession performs its activity. Additionally, there were several topic related discussions that the committee participated in, such as a dialogue with related professional organizations regarding revisions to the LSA scope of practice Section 8726.

I will attempt to summarize the legislation and topics of interest to CLSA members and a more complete summary will be provided once the governor completes his action.

SB 885 (Wolk) - design professional indemnity: provide design professional indemnity for the negligence of third parties for which the design professional is uninsured. CLSA strongly supported this ACEC effort and participated in grassroots meetings with legislators in their district, as well as provided testimony at legislative hearings. Notwithstanding the fact that the bill ultimately failed passage, the coordinated activity of the design professions clearly articulated an emerging issue to legislators.
Status: held in the Assembly Judiciary Committee.

SB 1085 (Roth) - license renewal assessment: BPELSG sponsored legislation amending various provisions of the LSA. Specifically, the bill requires an applicant for licensure renewal to complete a board-administered online assessment to reinforce the knowledge of Board regulations and applicable statutes which are the frequent cause of public complaints. Although CLSA initially adopted a "not favor" position because of ambiguities, CLSA ultimately took a support position as the bill was amended to eliminate our concerns.
Status: Sent to the Governor.

SB 1099 (Cannella) - scope of practice rewrite: revised provisions to the LSA relating to land surveyor scope of practice as provided for in Section 8726. Rather than immediately address statutory changes, CLSA recommended an alternative approach to convene various professional organizations to define areas of unauthorized practice, develop an interdisciplinary educational approach with allied industries, and enhance the BPELSG enforcement authority before approaching the legislature for statutory changes. A subcommittee of the CLSA Legislative Committee was assigned the task of working with various professional organizations to develop a consensus alternative approach.
Status: Dead/not pursued by the author.

SB 1445 (Hertzberg) - tax on services: this legislation proposed that the California sales tax be extended to various services, including land surveyor services. CLSA strongly opposed this legislation and joined forces with a coalition established by the Cal Chamber that included many professions and major corporate entities. Notwithstanding the fact that the bill did not move, the topic of broadening the sales tax to services is a continuous tax reform topic because of California's reliance on revenue generated by a fluctuating income tax and the sales tax on consumer goods.
Status: Dead

SR 57 (Nielsen) - national surveyors week: a resolution recognizing the week of March 20 through March 26, 2016 as National Surveyors Week. A special thanks to CLSA President Roger Hanlin for asking his Senate representative to author the resolution.
Status: Approved
2017 CLSA President-Elect Results

Warmest congratulations to Ron Nelms for coming out on top in a spirited election for 2017 CLSA president-elect! Nelms, currently serving as CLSA's Secretary, is chair of the Monument Conservation Committee, serves on the Professional Practice Committee and the Legislative
Committee and is a CLSA Education Foundation director.

And deserved recognition to Joseph Padilla for also earning a great many votes

CLSA is grateful to have so many terrific volunteer leaders that are willing to serve the organization.
Survey: Proposed Two-Person Survey Crew Mandate

The California State Department of Industrial Relations Advisory Committee on Working Alone in the Construction Industry is considering proposed safety regulations that will require two-person crews for field survey work. CLSA is participating in the process and is eager to convey the perspective of our members to the advisory committee. Participate in our survey by clicking the button below:
CLSA Past President Patrick Tami to serve as President of NCEES

Delegates elected Patrick Tami, P.L.S., NCEES president-elect at the organization's 95th annual meeting, held August 24-27 in Indianapolis, Indiana. He will serve as president-elect for the 2016-17 term and as president the following year.

A resident of Roseville, California, Tami has been a member of the California Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists since 2006. He previously served as NCEES Western Zone vice president for the 2014-16 and 2008-10 terms. He has also served on a number of NCEES committees, including chairing the Advisory Committee on Council Activities and the Committee on Uniform Procedures and Legislative Guidelines.

A professional land surveyor for more than 30 years, Tami is currently principal surveyor of R.E.Y. Engineers, Inc., a firm providing civil engineering and surveying services. In addition to serving as a past president of the California Land Surveyors Association, Tami is a past chair of the East Bay Municipal Engineers Association and the Bay Counties Association of Civil Engineers and Land Surveyors, and a former member of the board of directors for the Western Federation of Professional Surveyors.
The next California Surveyor

Want to be a part of the next issue of California Surveyor ? The deadline for article submissions has been extended to Spetember 15th. All articles reports, letters, and contributions are accepted and will be considered for publication regardless of the author's affiliation with the California Land Surveyors Association. Please send your article to
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