SEPT 6, 2017
Club Unite Partners with D1 Sports of Knoxville for Player Performance Training
D1 to serve as Performance Training Platform for Club Unite 
Comments from Chris Wolfe D1 General Manager
We are looking forward to the Club Unite Volleyball partnership. Known as “The Place for The Athlete,” D1 focuses on providing athletes of all ages with the same high quality experience found within the nation’s top collegiate athletic programs and professional sports organizations. We provide custom training programs, expert fitness coaching, and the latest in sports medicine and therapy. Football legends such as Tim Tebow and Peyton Manning are also co-members to multiple D1 facilities around the U.S.  D1 Knoxville, our mission is to motivate people to be their best and we desire to give back to our community.
Note from Shannon:
Selecting our Player Performance Enhancement Regiment is a very important decision to me. I observed D1 in a variety of settings over the summer. Our 5 Star College Prep Camp trained with D1 several times. I liked the variety of training tools D1 used to engage the athletes body. It was important for me to watch their choices after our athletes had gone through a 3 hour practice to assess their ability/creativity to work but not overwork. Our club season calls for creative measure from our performance staff to ensure safety yet continual performance improvement. I am not a fan of pushing athletes past where
they should be pushed in an unhealthy manner. I want our athletes to learn proper form / technique in body movements in attempt to prevent injury, grow stronger, get quicker, and jump higher. We will be conducting a pre-mid-post test for each athlete to assist in progress evaluation.
Club Season Tryouts Right Around the Corner
Training for Tryouts Clinic
Club Tryout Website Information Click Here
Knoxville Open Middle School League Underway
Club Unite is leading/hosting the Knoxville Volleyball Middle School League under director Melanie Morris. Teams compete each Tuesday and Thursday evening in a regular season district round robin play. The League tournament will conclude just before fall break.Good luck to all participating teams.
SEPTEMBER 16-17, 2017
UT vs Florida in the "CLUB" HOUSE!

Thanks WHICH Wich for your supporting the Face Off
Unite Kylie Whaley tabbed Assistant Coach - Milligan College
Coach Kylie Whaley will continue her coaching endeavors as the Milligan College Assistant Coach. Coach Whaley was 2 Time All-Conference at Milligan College, 3rd All-Time in Kills per Set. She was named Head Coach of the Year in the TSSAA IMAC High School Conference while head coach at Jefferson County High School. Coach Kylie served as the Club Unite Middle Attacking Positional Coach and coached two 16u travel short season teams. We are excited to see our coaches receive other opportunities. This relationship will be an asset for our players who desire to play at the next level since Kylie has established a personal connection with Club Unite athletes.

Coach Allie Koepfer started her freshman year at Lee University recently. Allie served as a positional trainer and head coach for our 13U Short Season at Unite. Allie showed remarkable strength through the loss of her father during the club season. We continue to keep her and her family in our prayers. We are cheering Allie on as she plays for the Lady Flames in Cleveland TN. She and her team are played in Harrogate TN at Lincoln Memorial University this weekend. Good Luck Allie!

5th-9th grade Monday Night Training Underway
5th-7th grade and 8th-9th graders are given an opportunity to train the fundamentals of the game while also learning the necessary skills for team play. Our 8th & 9th grade training is being led by Kennedy Wade a recent TN Tech Volleyball Libero graduate who is working toward her strength and conditioning certificate. "Kennedy has played at the next level and can help our players understand all the extra aspects of the game to achieve what these players desire." adds Shannon Mincey We are still accepting 8th-9th graders if you know of a player interested have them contact us!
Our 5th-7th grade has been led by a group of coaches: Igor, Melanie, Bailey and Madi. "Melanie has coached at the middle school level with much success for many years and understands what all is needed to make the team and be a contributor for the team. Her goal is to help each player understand the entire picture." comments Shannon Mincey. The goal of our Rising Stars 5th-7th grade training is to help them not only learn individual skills but to learn what it feels like and means to be on a team. Much of the training includes talking about eye contact, getting along with others, working together, work ethic, hustle. "To enhance the education with needed social skills is a plus for our athletes." Shannon Mincey comments.
8th-10th graders with Kennedy Wade
12.50$ per session.
9/13, 9/20, 9/27, 10/4 Interested? Text Shannon (423) 426-1705 or Melanie (865) 382-4080
Club Unite to Host a Winter League
Nike Winter Training League 
Unite will play host to a winter training session for athletes of all ages. Players will train Friday after school and Sunday afternoon. The teams will play in the Spike-O-Rama and Winter Jam in Gatlinburg, TN as part of their league fees. "I am excited about our winter league" adds Shannon Mincey "I am excited to give players an opportunity to be a part of this who can't play travel due to other obligations." The league hopes to host 2 divisions. Click below for information. Need more information on the league? Email

It is important to us to keep the training facility clean for our players. Many of you have helped out in huge ways by throwing away your trash and keeping the parking lot trash free. We appreciate you taking the time to help pick up when you can. It lightens our load and gives our players a clean safe place to play. It is important players don't wear the same shoes on the courts they wore through the parking lot. We also appreciate parents staying in the commons area to keep gravel dust off our courts and volleyballs. Wiping your feet keeps out dust too. We know its a huge task and there are areas we miss but our goal is to continue to work hard to offer a clean surface! A huge thank you to all who offered their time in preparation for the Early Bird Tournament (a volleyball tournament hosted by Oak Ridge, Farragut and Hardin Valley).

A huge thank you to a handful of our CLUB GIRLS who came in and painted for us! Wow You are Awesome!
A huge thank you to ...

Scott Hilbelink
Tailored Living

for getting our storage closets in order. I used to shut the door and I just stand in the closets and admire the organization. My favorite room is off from court 3 with our training tools nicely organized! Who knew an organized closet would make life so enjoyable! Thanks Scott!

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