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CM evolveIT Tip #1
Using CM evolveIT to Solve Bottlenecks in Your COBOL Programs

Roger Hammer shows how to use multi-line search to detect performance problems in your COBOL code.  Read it here .
Why is it So Tough to Detect Business Rules?
By Denise Kalm, Industry Expert

Denise Kalm explains how the challenge of detecting business rules will hold nearly every shop back from application modernization. Read it here !
NEW Clone Detection Datasheet

CM First offers automated clone detection with Clone Management, a unique component of CM evolveIT that helps eliminate technical debt and streamline development. Access it here.
NEW Clone Detection Web Interface

Want to know what your cloned code is costing you, and how much you can save by fixing it? This data can help justify efforts to remediate. Find out more here!
A Dedicated Website for CM evolveIT Customers

Be sure to check out our new website! It's dedicated to information about your automated code analysis product suite so you can keep up on documentation updates, tool tips and get support when you need it. If you haven't yet already, please  register for an account with us. If you need help getting access, please send us an email:  support@cmfirstgroup.com.
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We were at SHARE in San Jose March 5-8!

Founded fifty years ago, SHARE is the largest collection of mainframe experts seeking training, vendor information and networking opportunities. CM First has been invited to several previous SHARE meetings. John Rhodes, Roger Hammer and Denise Kalm spoke on  "Mining for Gold: Integrating Automated Code Analysis in DevOps" at SHARE - San Jose. 

Other CM First consultants were on hand to speak about CM evolveIT as well as our other products and services. We thank all attendees who stopped by and talked to us about their problems as well as success stories! See you in August at SHARE - Providence! 
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Current Releases
CM evolveIT release 10.1

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Roger Hammer, Product Owner
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