May, 2017 News Letter
Join us for the next CA 2E & CA Plex Conference 

CA Plex & CA 2E Community Webinar

Webinar 05/09/17 - What's New? 
Join this community webcast to learn more about the next conference and help vote on a number of possible sessions & topics. During the first half of the presentation, Steve Solomon will provide a short summary of CA 2E and CA Plex product news and share his thoughts and plans for the next conference in Miami. During the second half of the presentation, John Zozzaro from CM First, will walk through updates for the conference and what to expect.                           

Looking for Training?
Get Trained With a Free CM WebClient License
70% of the CA Plex Community are looking for the right web solution.  If you invest in training, we'll give you a free WebClient License, enabling you to do more with your CA Plex apps.

Need a Refresh or Advanced Deep Dive in CA 2E?
With the demand for training increasing, we're going to start hosting quarterly CA 2E Foundation & Advanced classes.

For more info and/or class registration contact:
Where is CM First?
CM First Group Overseas

We're headed on a 3 country tour.  Make sure to catch us if we're close by!

We are currently hosting events & setting up meetings in:

- May, 11 - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Event info HERE
- May, 15 - Milan, Italy - Event info HERE
- May, 16-17 - Paris, France Event info HERE

Contact us here for more information.
CM evolveIT - Workshop in Miami
CM First is going to host an all day event September 25, 2017 at the Deauville, Miami.   This all-day technical workshop is designed to help you use the power of CM evolveIT's powerful analysis technology to full advantage. We will be covering topics such as: Advanced Impact Analysis, Extracting and Documenting Business Rules, and Managing Software Quality. If you are new to the product, we will also offer some optional basic training to get you started.   Bring your laptop and your toughest mainframe software challenges!   Register HERE

9th CA Plex, CA 2E Conference Gearing up for Robust Content
The community has spoken and the committee has opened up more opportunities for sponsorship this year.  In doing so, there are only a few available slots left.  For more information contact the committee at

CM First Group to attend SHARE in Providence
CM First is showcasing the power of CM evolveIT at SHARE.  Bring your most complex mainframe challenges and setup a free  30 minute consultation with one of our Senior Engineers.  Contact us for more information.
Current Releases
CM WebClient 1.8.5 Limited support for 1.8.3
CM Matchpoint ALM 5.2, last supported 5.0
CM MetaAnalytics 0.97, last supported 0.90 
CA Plex 7.2.1, last supported 7.2 (r7.0 is out of support as of January 15, 2016 - upgrade now)  
CA 2E 8.7, last supported 8.6 (8.5 is out of support as of November 2015- upgrade now)
CM evolveIT version 10.1 current. Last supported is version 8.

Email us at: