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Mark your calendars for the 9th CA 2E/Plex conference September 25-28 2017 in Miami! 
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Where is CM First?
Focused on the advantages and need for CM evolveIT, CM First will return to SHARE - San Jose to present "Mining for Gold: Discovering the Business Rules Buried in Your Code to Speed Modernization" on March 6 from 3:15P - 4:15PM. CM First experts will also be available in Booth 320 to answer your tough technical questions!
Continuing the momentum from 2016, CM First will be meeting with you virtually through webinars. Make sure you check them out for simple and effective ways to further your training and expertise!
CM evolveIT New Release 10.1 & Webinar
CM First's newest product, CM evolveIT, now has a new release. It comes packed with customer-requested features such as clone detection, a crucial factor in technical debt remediation. Read more about the release here.

Thanks for joining our Valentine's Day CMevolveIT webinar! Learn how automated static analysis can solve your problems: Go rapidly and safely into the future with CM evolveIT.  Missed it? No problem! View the webinar here.

Migrate Your CA 2E and CA Plex Applications to the Cloud
Learn how to modernize your CA 2E and CA Plex applications so you can exploit one of the various Cloud solutions. The event was held in  December 2016, but you can hear the playback from CA 2E experts on how to achieve this. Register  here.
Looking for Training?
New CA 2E (Synon) Advanced Class
Updated courseware is available, including all the new features in version 8.7, SQL generations, web services and more.
CA Plex Tips
CA Plex Tip
Search and Replace in CA Plex
Andrew Leggett, Sr. Applications Consultant
Andrew will show how to copy and paste Action Diagram code into a text editor such as Notepad or  Notepad++ .

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There's Gold in Your Code  
Denise P. Kalm, Industry Expert
Denise explains how you can unlock the "gold" in your code. Learn how automation  can help you detect, fix, and enhance your code by finding and  documenting your business rules.    
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Current Releases
CM WebClient 1.8.5 Limited support for 1.8.3
CM Matchpoint ALM 5.2, last supported 5.0
CM MetaAnalytics 0.97, last supported 0.90 
CA Plex 7.2, last supported 7.1.2 (r7.0 is out of support as of January 15, 2016 - upgrade now)  
CA 2E 8.7, last supported 8.6 (8.5 is out of support as of November 2015 - upgrade now)
CM evolveIT version 10.1

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