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CM WebClient Success Story Contest

We know there are some exciting success stories out there - we'd like to hear them! Send us a paragraph about what you've been able to do with CM WebClient to  info@cmfirstgroup.com  by January 13, 2017. Every entrant will receive a Google Cardboard VR Viewer, and the winning entry will get the upgraded Google Daydream View. So take a moment now and celebrate your success with us!
CM WebClient Tip
CM WebClient and Vector Graphic File Support
Abram Darnutzer | Sr. Application Consultant

Abram discusses the best methods of displaying SVG files.

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Mobile Tip
Manipulating Object Positions in CSS
Abram Darnutzer | Sr. Application Consultant

Abram explains how to optimally position objects on a screen -- no matter what device your customers choose.

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Automate Your Web Page Testing 
Denise P. Kalm | Industry Expert

Large companies have the luxury of full-featured automated testing solutions, but smaller and more agile companies are developing great products, too. If you're in this category, you can't afford to miss out on automated testing. 

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