What is it?
30-minute virtual meeting w/ a state legislator, 1-3 physicians, and CMA public policy staff consultant. These meetings are for education and awareness that will help prepare for any potential future request for support. Topics will be tailored to balance our agenda and legislators' interests/position. Topics will be outlined in writing to all meeting participants.

What are we trying to achieve?
  1. Physician/Legislator Relationship - help give doctors the opportunity to interact directly with legislators and for legislators to get to know doctors who are a part of their district/community.
  2. Program/Legislator Relationship - relationship building with legislators about CMA and its affiliates - COTS/PCC/HCGC - that prepares us for future advocacy "asks" related to supporting work of physicians through the CMA and its affiliates.

How does it come together?
CMA public policy staff consultants will schedule all meetings and prepare briefing material for physicians. We will then work to match the availability of physicians who are interested to participate in these types of meetings. Whenever possible, we hope to link physicians who live, work, or affiliated with a facility from the legislator's district.

Are you interested in participating?
There is an open invitation to any Central Ohio physician to participate in this program. We need a pool of interested doctors, as matching schedules of busy legislators and physicians is challenging.
Are you interested in participating in a virtual legislative meeting?
Not sure, need more information.