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Dec 7 - Slide Show - Brandon Pullan / TTOTM
Jan 4 - TTOTM
Feb 1 - TTOTM
Mar 1 - TTOTM
Mar 24 - Bow Hut (35% booked)
Slide Show – Brandon Pullan "The Bold and Cold" - Dec 7
Brandon Pullan - Gripped
Wednesday, December 7
7:00pm Start
Ironwood, Calgary

We managed to get Brandon for a new date - so we're back on!

Brandon Pullan, editor of Gripped Magazine, accomplished climber and now author of the beautiful new book “The Bold and Cold” - A history of 25 classic climbs in the Canadian Rockies and winner of a special jury mention of this year's Banff Mountain Book Festival (copies will be available) will be treading the boards at the Ironwood this December the 7th.

It will no doubt be a fun filled evening knowing Brandon (hey, why not come and buy him a drink?) and I really hope to see you there!

TTOTM (New!!) - Dec 7
Dave, Gerry, and Ken sat in the Ironwood recently and (with input from Pat "I love you guys" MacIntyre) floated the idea of introducing what we are tentatively going to call THAT TIME OF THE MONTH - the concept being to get your ass down to the pub on the first Wednesday of each month with the express intent of planning or joining an activity with others who are there. 

You can bring your own idea, drink with someone who is planning something, buy a drink for someone who wants to drink with someone who is planning something, or simply plan to do some drinking.

Dave kicked off a session recently looking for people to climb Mt St Elias with. Several practiced drinking with Dave. He may still be looking at the next TTOTM Wednesday.

No reminiscing allowed. Only modest discussion of *current* conditions: i.e. conditions relevant to immediate objectives – none of this “I was there last year and it was this deep” bullshit or “you used to need a 3 ½ Friend for the 3rd pitch but now they’ve ruined it with bolts it’s only 5.8 blah blah” weak-assed git whining.

Parties, rock and ice climbs, gym attendance, and ski / canoe / bike / hike / getoutthere ideas all welcomed

No bragging. Save trip reports and discussion of Canmore real estate prices for slide show nights. The idea is to look forward.

Come out to the CMC bar night on the first Wednesday of the month - bigger crowds, cheaper beer, special treats from Pat.  We still meet on all the other Wednesdays, but for those members that can  only get out once a month - the first Wednesday will have a bigger turnout.

Next TTOTM Wednesday - Dec 7,   before and after the slide show, Ironwood Stage and Grill


Bow Hut March 2017

Always an incredible experience!!

It's 4 months away and already 35% booked!

The CMC Bow Hut trip is set for March 24-26. (evenings of the 24th and 25th)  Reserve your spot (by paying) now.

Rates are $32 / night (ACC hut members) or $42 / night (non ACC hut members). 

Reserve NOW - Paypal (credit card, paypal etc). 

Gerald S / Hayden E / Ken W are also accepting cash at the pub.

Book Bow Hut Now


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