Color Exploration Fragile

Exploring CMG’s Color Alert® using the TechmerVision digital color tool, designers are able to explore color nuances and interactions of colors accurately and quickly during their product development process.

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Fragile - CMG's 2019 Key Color

CMG 2019+ European Forecast Key Color. Fragile represents an outer covering with a tenuous grip between strength and delicacy. It can be likened to an eggshell, there is strength within the fragility.

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Color Exploration Extends Color Alerts®

Techmer PM has partnered with Color Marketing Group® to bring members the TechmerVision Color Exploration program, an extension of the Color Alerts®.

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Future Green - CMG's 2019 Key Color

CMG 2019+ Asia Pacific Forecast Key Color – Future Green Not only a color wave of the future, but a way of life. Future Green represents the trend of self-awareness, celebrating “We are, what we are.”

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