CMG Webinar Series
What You'll Learn in This Webinar
This webinar shows how increasing security authentication can have an impact on capacity, as well as capacity having an impact on network security.  The insider threat connection comes into play when the performance monitoring system focused on finding anomalies within the system fails to detect those threats that exist within your own network.  Options for finding these insider threats are presented in the webinar.

Anyone that is certified as a PMP (Project Management Professional) or CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) may be able to count this webinar as part of their Continuing Education.  Participants should contact (PMP) or (CISSP) to count this webinar as 1 hour toward their CEUs or Professional Development Units (PDUs).
About the Presenters
Chris Greco,
Chris Greco has almost 20 years as an IT professional with experience as part of several federal government agencies on computer security, as well as experience in the military as part of the communications security area.  In addition, Chris was part of the capacity management and performance monitoring organization at one federal government agency, where he was responsible for the monitoring and outage data for over 20 major applications that were critical to operations US wide.  After retiring from federal service, he is currently the Senior Consultant/Trainer for his company GRECTECH, where he teaches cybersecurity to a variety of audiences including senior citizens and members of the Department of Defense.  Chris earned the Mullen Award for 2016 as a result of his presentation at the IMPACT 2016 in November.

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