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Pinecrest Grand Re-Opening

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Renovated Pinecrest 2-bedroom

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Sutter View

CMHA... Changing Lives & Communities

The Grand Re-Opening of the Pinecrest was a huge success. It was more than a celebration, Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority brought community together. We had Hamilton County officials and City of Cincinnati officials in the same room talking about the affordable housing crisis and they indicated that we are the solution. In fact, Hamilton County Commissioner Stephanie Summerow Dumas told the audience, “I think if we let Mr. Johnson loose and the CMHA staff loose, we can solve the affordable housing problem.” The preservation work was impressive to City Council Member Jan-Michele Kearney she stated, “This is what Re-imagining Affordable Housing looks like. Back in the old days, people used to think of affordable housing as something not too pretty, kind of rundown, you know just barely livable. I walked in and said wow, this is beautiful. Mr. Johnson and his team have changed the conversation.” Encouraging messages were also received from CMHA Board Chair William Myles, Commissioner Denise Driehaus, HUD Region 5 Administrator James Cunningham, HUD District Director Tom Leach, Gorman National Market President William Towns, OHFA Director of Legislative Affairs Guy Ford, OCCH VP of Development Annie Ross, Lument Senior Analyst Kyle Sullivan and LISC Senior Program Officer Valerie Daley.

Transformations like what has taken place at Pinecrest, Sutter View and The Evanston are great for the residents, our staff, the organization and the community. We have checked all the boxes with these projects. Residents were provided a beautiful place to stay, jobs were created along with opportunities for Section 3, MBE and WBE businesses. Record numbers of dollars were spent with those businesses. Pinecrest’s preservation added up to over $38 million in our billion-dollar transformation. The conversion through RAD also means a more stable funding source for the agency which impacts staff. It is true what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be. This is the interrelated structure of reality.”


Lastly, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of the staff who worked on the renovation and Grand Re-Opening of Pinecrest. And a thank you to the residents for living through the construction and for participating in the renovation plans. The next conversion to be completed is our Walnut Hills site, Park Eden. Keep an eye out for information on that re-opening. Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority is Re-Imagining Affordable Housing. 

Kind Regards,

Gregory D. Johnson, MS, EDEP, PHM

Chief Executive Officer

Story Time

Agency Spotlight

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Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority started a new Asset Management Services Outreach Initiative in December 2021 with a focus on Early Childhood Reading. The Director of Asset Management Services Mary Kosik reached out to Melena Campbell of Daddy’s Daycare to discuss a partnership where CMHA staff will go to the center and read to the kids in various age groups. In addition to “CMHA’s Staff – Story Time”, each child will receive a copy of the book that is read during story time to take home. With this partnership, we are hoping to encourage reading at home with their family members. The books the kids will receive are in connection with CMHA’s partnership with the Book Rich Environment and the Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Library which provide new books to children in Public Housing.  

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CMHA: A Community Resource

The work Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority is doing to help families during the pandemic did not go unnoticed to outside companies. CareSource is a partner that is often at the Envision Centers in Findlater Gardens and Winton Terrace. The organization recognized the outreach CMHA is doing and wanted to make sure the agency could do more in other communities. Ms. Lera Battle, on behalf of CareSource, presented checks to CMHA. We say thank you! 

Welcome Home!

190 affordable homes for families in Price Hill, mechanical systems and common spaces were all fully renovated with the HUD tool RAD. CMHA recently celebrated the re-opening of Pinecrest. There were more than 60 people attending the in-person event. Here are some highlights from the Grand Re-Opening. 

This is an example of how housing is infrastructure. We need to invest in affordable housing. RAD allows housing authorities to finance in a way they never could before and we’re very proud of that. James Cunningham HUD Region 5 Administrator

There’s no greater social impact than the preservation and creation of affordable housing. Everything went as they (CMHA) said, they were transparent. It was not a slick way to move people out.  William Towns Gorman National Market President

Your investment in Price Hill is significant and really important to the families that live here but also to the community at large. Your reputation proceeds you, CMHA is committed to this community in a way where you are going to invest in the building and the families that live here.  Hamilton County Commissioner Denise Driehaus - 25 year Price Hill resident

HUD is committed to the success of affordable housing. It’s great to see the amazing work done here in just over a year. This renovation leverages several million dollars in private sector money. Pinecrest and the residents remain a vital part of the community. HUD District Director Tom Leach


Happy Holidays!!!

Please note CMHA Offices will be closed December 24-27 and December 31 in observance of the holidays.

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