So much to share, so much to reflect on.
As the calendar year draws to a close, at CMHA Middlesex we have much to celebrate and much to reflect on. We've enjoyed significant growth in our service offering, opened new sites, developed new partnerships and continued to stretch ourselves in order to provide enhanced services to those on their recovery journeys. This month's newsletter is packed with powerful stories, service information and opportunities for growth and development. Join us on our journey toward mental health and wellness for all.

Same heart. Different look.

Canadian Mental Health Association, Middlesex operates programs and locations all over London and Middlesex County – and some as far away as Goderich and Exeter. Each program plays an important role in a person’s journey toward recovery – and each is a necessary part of the mental health service continuum.

We have become increasingly aware over time that visually, My Sisters’ Place and Impact Junk Solutions didn’t look like the rest of the CMHA family of services. While My Sisters’ Place offers critical health promotion and prevention services for women (and connects them to treatment options and supports their recovery), and Impact Junk Solutions employs individuals in the recovery phase of mental illness, both looked like they sat “outside” of the CMHA brand.

And so today we’re pleased to share with you the new logos for each of these programs. The heart is still there – same values, same passion as before, but the look is much more aligned with how we present ourselves to the world.

A home, a heart, a place of caring and compassion: the redesigned My Sisters’ Place logo speaks to the community of support for women experiencing mental health, addictions and homelessness offered in a safe, home-like environment.

It’s personal… the journey of each woman who walks through our doors is unique. We wanted to show the personal nature of this journey by highlighting the word “my” in our logo.

It’s approachable… Our work has always been rooted in providing a safe, welcoming and accessible space for women experiencing homelessness. Like our home, our staff and volunteers, our new logo aims to be approachable and welcoming to all.

It’s interconnected… the heart and home in our logo is a continuous line meant to demonstrate how My Sisters’ Place is an important part of the continuum of supports offered at CMHA Middlesex.

Strength, resilience and hard work: Our new redesigned logo visually demonstrates our commitment to our work and our community.

It is celebratory… if you look at the graphic, you can see the individual lifting the box also looks like an exclamation mark. As a social enterprise at CMHA Middlesex, we celebrate and honour the recovery journeys of our employees and remind others that there is more to our business than initially meets the eye.

It’s strong… our logo not only expresses the physical strength needed for the work we do, but also the mental and physical strength shared by all those overcoming barriers to employment because of mental health.

It makes an IMPACT… we strive to have a social, environmental and financial impact as a social enterprise. Our new logo highlights the word “Impact” because that is the root of our work and our new ventures like the Impact Furniture Bank.

This fall we produced three videos to help us tell the story of CMHA Middlesex. We're grateful to Dustin, Carol and Joseph for their courage to share their stories and we admire their resilience and strength. The videos were released last week as part of #givingtuesday. If you didn't have an opportunity to see them already, we hope you'll take moment (or 9 in total!) to listen as each describe how CMHA Middlesex helped them in their journey to wellness.
New! This Fall at CMHA, Middlesex...
Eating Disorders Transitional Supportive Housing
The transition from treatment back to home, school or work can be a difficult one. This residential program offers you a supportive environment in which to use the skills you have learned in treatment. The Eating Disorders Transitional Supportive Housing Residence gives you a safe place for the life skills development and healthy self-care that promotes recovery. It is a safe space for a gradual return to independent living.
Support Line Launched!

The Support Line provides confidential listening and support to individuals 16 and older at any time of day or night for people needing support.  Whether you are anxious, depressed, lonely, overwhelmed or just need to talk something through with someone, you will find a supportive and caring person at our end of the line.

The number is 519-601-8055. The toll-free number is 1 (844) 360-8055. 

Read More.

P.S.Confused about which crisis or distress number to refer someone to? We've got three great options. Follow this link to a one page overview that explains the different 24 hour options - and when to contact each one.
12 Days of Impact:
A Promotion by our Social Enterprise
We offer dozens of educational opportunities each year. To learn about what is available, please visit our Winter 2016 Program Guide . It's packed with opportunities for personal development and growth. Also this winter we implemented an online registration system, allowing you to register yourself for both our free and fee-for-service programs. You can visit this site at

Below you will find more information about two workshops coming up later this month. Spots still available!