Negotiating with
Difficult Clients

Whether you’re a business owner, in sales, a provider of professional services, or a member of just about any profession that deals with the public, you’re going to deal with “difficult” clients. Here are some strategies that I follow as a business owner to keep tough client interactions at bay – and deal with them in a reasonable, productive manner when they happen.
Joe Campolo recently caught up with CMM clients and friends who are redefining innovation and success on Long Island. Meet some of them here.
It would be fitting for John Robertson, owner of the Sexy Salad , to go by the title “Millennial Keeper” or “Outsourced Chief Culture Officer” – both are fitting descriptions of a business owner who entices prospective corporate catering customers with an offer that’s hard to resist: “Let me use my art to help your business.”

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If the word “accountant” still brings to mind images of pocket protectors, thick glasses, and – well – nerds typing away on calculators, you haven’t met the team at  Citrin Cooperman . And if you’ve never heard of an accounting firm started in NYC with seed money from a legendary rock band, then you’ve definitely never met the team at Citrin Cooperman.

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We’re all familiar with the adage “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”  Don Catalano , President and CEO of   iOptimize Realty ®, has really taken this message to heart: he’s seamlessly combined his passion for real estate, photography, and piloting airplanes into a rewarding career at the helm of one of Long Island’s most innovative companies.

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Walking through the bright, colorful hallways at  Lorraine Gregory Communications ’ shiny new headquarters, over the hum of state-of-the-art printers and the voices of employees energetically collaborating on social media campaigns, it’s hard to imagine that this lively, innovative company started out in the early ‘90s as a direct mail business staffed by three people stuffing envelopes.

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Taking the Leap into
Global Marketing
Guest Blogger

Global markets are now the norm for many companies. But how does a company make the decision to expand into a new market? While foreign markets are potentially lucrative, international marketing is significantly more complex than domestic marketing. This includes legal and financial differences - every country has its own separate set of laws that govern business that must be taken into account - as well as cultural differences that must be addressed within marketing.
Patrick McCormick accepts his SCBA Directors' Award on June 15
New York State Employers Required to Implement Sexual Harassment Policies and Conduct Sexual Harassment Training
Sexual harassment in the workplace is by no means a new issue, but in the wake of the #MeToo movement, New York lawmakers have taken action to address it. While well-prepared employers have had sexual harassment policies and training in place for some time, under new legislation, employers now have no choice and must have policies and training. Read up on the deadlines and new requirements.
New Requirement for Suffolk
County Food Service Establishments
May Boost Business
Food allergies can be life-threatening. To make the dining experience safer for food allergy sufferers, the Suffolk County Legislature has imposed a new requirement on local food service establishments – and it just may help drive business, too.
When it comes to the Supreme Court, for better or for worse, we the people are beholden to the jurisprudence of nine politically unaccountable legal minds. However, the minds of Supreme Court Justices are neither infallible nor uniformly programmed. Justices come to the bench with different backgrounds, biases, and interpretations of the Constitution. These idiosyncrasies yield the legal decisions that directly impact our way of life. With no shortage of critical decisions coming out of the Supreme Court in recent weeks, this blog seeks to explore the docket in depth. In this post, learn more about some of the most infamous decisions and dissents in U.S. history.
Courts Narrow Non-Compete
Agreements to Protect Legitimate Business Interests Only
There has been an aggressive push over the past couple of years by state legislators around the country and the federal government to enact legislation prohibiting or limiting the use of non-compete agreements by employers. With potentially impactful legislation looming, courts continue to be highly critical of non-compete agreements.
Société Générale Settles One of the Largest Anti-Corruption Enforcement Actions in History
Do you have overseas operations, business units, or personnel? Read on about the largest anti-corruption enforcement action in history and the critical takeaways for your international business.
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