Campolo Addresses Business Leaders on
Next Steps to Grow Long Island Economy
"The information HIA-LI has uncovered - including that the Hauppauge Industrial Park is the second largest in the nation behind only Silicon Valley and that one in 20 jobs on Long Island depends on it - is staggering. But while information is great, it means nothing if action doesn't follow. So let's talk about the work we've done over the past year." Joe Campolo inspired the 500 business leaders gathered to celebrate their love for Long Island at the HIA-LI 24th Annual Business Achievement Awards on September 20 and spoke of the partnerships and projects that are paving the way to Long Island's future. 
We have designed CMM Academy to help educate and inform our clients, colleagues, and partners, giving them the tools to achieve their business goals and continue their professional growth through a series of workshops and events. All sessions are held in our state-of-the-art classroom at our Ronkonkoma headquarters.

Join us on October 16 for "Bleed to Succeed." In this talk, Joe Campolo draws inspiration from his grandmother, a single mother in the 1940s who worked at a sweatshop each day until her fingers were raw and bleeding. Joe will share how her work ethic shaped his life and career path, and the steps that will help you achieve the success you envision. Space is limited. Registration and details here.

We have a full calendar of events planned this fall for the business community. Watch your email for details!
Volunteers at CMM Cares Day
Joe Campolo recently caught up with CMM clients and friends who are redefining innovation and success on Long Island. Meet some of them here.
A friend of famed golf course architect Devereaux Emmet once remarked, “Emmet could not possibly conceive of any other use [for] any given piece of real estate…except to lay out golf links on it.” And so, when Emmet and a group of NYC businessmen purchased 140 acres of land in East Setauket in 1915, that’s exactly what he did. Over 100 years later,  St. George’s Golf and Country Club  – the course Emmet designed for his closest friends and relatives to enjoy – boasts his original timeless design, repeatedly earning a coveted spot on  Golfweek’s  Top 100 Classic Courses in America  (sharing the honor with some of the most famous courses in the nation).
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“Good photography is critical to business. If you want to portray yourself as a professional, you need a professional photo.” That’s where  Bob Giglione  comes in, having spent the last two decades photographing nearly every major corporate event and business leader on Long Island. Through the years, Giglione’s vision has remained the same: showcase Long Island success stories, and make the people behind those stories look good, portraying them as happy, successful, and seen. And as he went from boardroom to ballroom and back over the decades, he observed: “There are a lot of great leaders on Long Island – more than people realize.”
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For an entrepreneur who has devoted his or her life to building a business, the idea of selling it brings up sensitive questions about identity, family, timing, and value. Not to mention, managing the day-to-day details of selling a business can quickly become all-consuming to a business owner whose hands are already full. Enter  Protegrity Advisors, a mergers and acquisitions advisory firm whose goal is to help Long Island business owners navigate the most complex and emotionally fraught transaction of their lives – and obtain maximum value.
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Power in Negotiation: Why You Need It and How to Get It
Negotiation research is a real thing – and this evolving area of study is fascinating. Recent research has revealed not only some of the key ways that channeling power makes negotiators more effective, but also that attaining that power in the first place is within any negotiator’s reach.
New York State Wage
Requirements for Interns
Summer may be over, but if your office is like mine, interns are a welcome presence year-round. Hiring interns can be a mutually beneficial experience for both the employer and the intern. Interns develop hands-on experience in a field they are interested in pursuing, and a company gets a fresh take on things from the minds of a younger generation. Are you hiring interns this fall? Make sure you understand how to pay them.
New York Court Issues Minority Shareholder-Friendly Decision in Controlling Stockholder Merger
In a decision that could make New York a more attractive venue for shareholders of Delaware-incorporated companies, a New York trial court recently permitted a class action suit challenging a corporation’s acquisition by its controlling stockholder to proceed. The decision signals to Delaware entities that New York courts may be less likely to defer to controlling stockholders than Delaware courts, potentially paving the way for an influx of New York lawsuits involving Delaware corporations.
College Kids Are Adults:
Take Care of These Documents
Before Heading to Campus
“At my son’s college orientation, we were reminded that since he was 18, he was an adult in the eyes of the law. As his parents, we would no longer have the automatic legal right to make his  healthcare  decisions, access his medical records in an emergency, or participate in his financial decisions. Who was paying the tuition bill was irrelevant,” writes Martin Glass. As your college student settles into life on campus, consider this advice about the healthcare and planning documents to put in place. 
Non-Compete Update
Employers and business owners, do you utilize non-compete agreements for your team? Beware: if a court finds any of the provisions unenforceable, it may decline to enforce the entire agreement. Read on for details on how to avoid this roadblock.
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