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January 2017  
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CMMS Software a Must in a TPM Solution 
by Brandon Jones
"If you are running a business, you want to make sure that everything goes to plan. Unnecessary accidents, product defects and failures just simply do not fit in the budget. Sometimes businesses do not anticipate problems happening. If a machine breaks down, the question pops up about who will fix that machine. Sometimes using outside company resources to fix one of your machines is costly and expensive. If you could find a better way, wouldn't you try that?"

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FaciliWorks Regional Training
A two-day, hands-on regional training class delves into planning, preparation, setup and successful operation of FaciliWorks. Learn how to save time, avoid mistakes and get the most out of your software. Click the link below for class details.

FaciliWorks 8i - February 8-9, 2017 - Phoenix, AZ
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FaciliWorks 8i Tech Tip
How to Properly Add a New User in FaciliWorks 8i

You must have administrator rights to add a new user in FaciliWorks 8i.

To create a new user, navigate to the Personnel -> Security -> Users tab. Click the Add button on the Users tab to bring up a new security window where you will enter the new User ID, User Full Name and Password. You can also choose to require a password change at first login by checking the Require Password Change checkbox.

Add New User

When you click the Save button, you will be asked to add the new user to the Staff Entry records. Adding a user to the Staff Entry records allows an administrator to enter additional information about the user.

Once a new user has been successfully created and added to the Staff Entry records, the user must then be assigned rights to the web application and be placed into a security group.

In the Users tab, select the newly created user from the User ID drop-down list. Under the User Full Name field, check one of the Web Application checkboxes to assign rights to FaciliWorks.

Next, you will place the user in a group by highlighting a single group from the All Groups column and moving the highlighted group to the Member Of column. Best practice is to assign a user to only one group.

Users Tab

We encourage you to explore the additional capabilities of your FaciliWorks software and as always, keep an eye out for future Tech Tips.
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