February 2017

I hope this finds you well and warm in early February.  As a firm, we have hit the new year in full force, clients are keeping us busy across all three practice areas, which is terrific.  In working with our clients and prospects, we have seen some consistent issues emerge - below are articles with some insights on these issues. I suspect you will find value in one, if not all.

  • INgagement: Engagement From the Inside Out - offers a new model for driving sustained employee engagement
  • The New World of Recruiting - provides three strategies for winning in the new world of talent acquisition.
  • The Top 3%  - provides insight into what the few highly and consistently engaged professionals are doing differently than the rest of us.
 Of course, we welcome your feedback.
Much Regards,
Joe Frodsham
INgagement: Engagement from the Inside Out
Many companies' engagement activities have hit a wall. At best, they are experiencing incremental improvement, yet employees' level of motivation and engagement is still lacking. The answer is to start looking on the inside or what we call INgagement.  Read More. 
The New World of Recruiting

The mainstreaming of digital and mobile technology, connectivity, and the evolving demographics of the workforce have had a profound impact on talent acquisition. Companies that have learned to adapt will continue to win in the talent marketplace. Below are three winning strategies being used by our clients. Read More. 
The Top 3%

Our research shows that only 3% of professionals have a career of sustained success, what are they doing differently than the rest of us?
In the launch of our book "Make it Work" we offered readers the chance to complete an assessment of their level of career fulfillment, or what we called career wealth. Over the years this assessment has been completed online by thousands of professionals at all levels and across industries. Read More.

Retirement Offerings - Shaping Your Next 
CMP specializes in providing Retirement and Semi-Retirement support to candidates in Career Transition. This unique service is tailored to each individual. Check out more here.