Your Talent Advantage
March 2017

Perhaps like us, you are moving through a busy first quarter of the year.   At CMP, we have enjoyed working with our clients on a variety of talent issues, some of which are new to them and us.  It has been great to learn and adapt. 
In the spirit of learning and adapting, the three articles below represent contemporary client issues. I suspect one or all will be useful to you.  We are always glad to discuss a topic in greater detail, and enjoy your feedback.

  • Coaching in High Definition - outlines the characteristics of the shorter-tenure and higher impact coaching approach that was developed in response to our client needs.


  • Three Common Career Myths - outlines some common fundamental beliefs that are leading to career dissatisfaction and dis-engagement.

  • Your Talent Tap: Key Strategic Investment - offers three areas of investment for you talent acquisition function to add maximum strategic impact.

I'm pleased to announce, in order to be a continuing local resource to our growing list of clients in Fort Worth we have moved offices to downtown in Sundance Square.

Much Regards,
Joe Frodsham
Coaching in High Definition: 5 Requirements of High Impact Coaching  
Over the last few years we have seen an increased demand for leadership coaching as our clients experienced a real value the tailored nature of a coaching assignment, and the sustained change that results when the coaching is completed successfully.  Read More.
3 Common Career Myths and Corresponding Truths

Beliefs drive behaviors, and ultimately determine your results.   Consciously aligning your beliefs with key truths is critical in every aspect of our lives, and especially in our career lives. Read More. 
Your Talent Tap: Key Strategic Investments

The war for talent is real. And, as with any company who is competing for talent, there is a need to adapt to survive and thrive. Below are three strategic investments that our clients are using to "win" in the talent marketplace. Read More.

CMP in Sundance Square

CMP continues to grow in Fort Worth. Announcing a new location downtown in Sundance Square!

420 Throckmorton Street, Suite 200
Ft. Worth, TX 76102
Assessment for Selection
Take the Guesswork Out of Hiring

Recent studies have shown that up to 50% of leadership hires do not meet expectations, and that traditional interview techniques are not effective at identifying and predicting which candidates will be successful. This low success rate in hiring is costing companies millions of dollars. Even one bad hire will impact company performance in tangible ways. 
Learn More