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July 2017

We have had a busy month at CMP adding a key leader and supporting our clients in some unique ways.  In this issue we share our news, and provide some information on topics on key and emerging issues:

  • Welcome Jackie Chabot - Jackie comes to CMP in our newly formed Chief Client Officer role.  Jackie is a great addition to the team.


  • C-Suite on Talent with John Hernandez - John has led a resurgence of the Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.  I think you will enjoy his insights on leadership and talent.


  • Stress in the Workplace - the impact of workplace stress is profound and felt in every aspect of our lives.  I suspect you will find some useful insight in how to manage stress and help others do the same.
We also share a congratulations to the newest Dallas Human Resources Executive (DHRE) placement, outline current openings we are recruiting for, and provide an overview of our leadership coaching solution.
As always, I welcome your feedback.

Much Regards,
Joe Frodsham
Welcome, Jackie Chabot

CMP is pleased to have Jackie Chabot on board as Chief Client Officer. In this role, Jackie assumes a key position across our three practice areas - talent acquisition, talent development, and outplacement/ career transition services. Read More

C-Suite On Talent: John Hernandez, President FWHCC

John Hernandez brings more than 20 years of business experience to his role as President. John assumed leadership of the FWHCC in 2015 after having served two terms as a board member and running his own business. In addition to his entrepreneurial experience, Hernandez has worked as a relationship manager for both Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase. Hernandez holds a BA from Midwestern State University and an MBA from Southern Methodist University. 
Read More
Stress In The Work Place

Every year, 30,000 Japanese workers die from "karoshi" -- they work themselves to death, according to Entrepreneur magazine. No such epidemic exists is the U.S. yet, but the medical journal,  Annals of Internal Medicine , recently reported that 24 percent of workers surveyed suffered fatigue for periods longer than two weeks. Job stress was high on the list of causes for this fatigue. In fact, the United Nations' International Labor Organization indicates that 75 percent of American workers consider their jobs stressful.  Read more.  
CMP Coaching Solutions 
Leadership Coaching

Realize measurable and sustainable change

CMP's coaching methodology is relationship-enabled, assessment-driven and outcome-focused. It combines a clinical and process-oriented approach to behavior transformation with the experience that comes from decades of leadership coaching.  To learn more about CMP's leadership development, click  here .

Dallas Human Resources Executives 
Helping human resource executives in transition

Congratulations to Tonjia Oglesby on her new role as VP-HR for Procera Networks.  

For more information on DHRE, please contact CMP at 972.680.9200

Open Positions

We are recruiting for open positions at Ryan, LLC, DRS Technologies, and a Confidential Company. For more information on these open positions, click here.

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