December 2015  
Greetings From Joe Frodsham
CMP President
Joe Frodsham
I trust and hope this finds you experiencing a memorable holiday season.
As we move through the final stretch of 2015, as a firm we look back on the tremendous change we have experienced, and the people we have had the pleasure of partnering with in one way or another.  It is the people - many of you - that are the best memories. 
As we transition into a new year we know that it is a time of renewal for many individuals and organizations - individuals often initiate job changes/transfers and recommit to development; and organizations implement key changes which can include downsizing and layoffs.  If this is true for you, or someone you know well, then at least one of the articles in this issue will be of immediate value to you:
  • Where the Jobs Will be in 2020 - offers insight to the industries, roles and education that offer a high level of career opportunity.
  • Coaching for ROI - provides a framework for driving measurable impact through targeted coaching.
  • How to Handle Mass Layoffs With Respect - for all the right reasons it is important to handle a layoff with respect.  This article provides insight and guidelines for managing larger of numbers of people through the process of sensitive and effective disengagement.
Also, take a look at What's New. We are augmenting our retained search capability with a unique contingent search solution. 

Best wishes this holiday season from all of us at CMP.

Much Regards,
Joe Frodsham 
Where the Jobs Will Be in 2020

We know which kinds of jobs will be most plentiful over the next eight years until 2020. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that positions in healthcare and social assistance, professional and business services, and construction will represent more than half of the 20.5 million new jobs it expects to be created by 2020. Read More.
Coaching for ROI

Executive coaching has long been used to develop key leaders, and as with any functional discipline, the profession of coaching has evolved over the years. 

In decades past, coaches were brought in to "fix" leaders who were experiencing performance issues and failing in a key aspect of their job. Over time, with the success and acceptance of coaching many companies have expanded their use of coaching to develop high performers and groom high potential leaders at all levels. Read More.
How To Handle Mass Layoffs With Respect

Patch employees were recently laid off en masses in a conference call. There has to be a better way.

We all agree that conference calls can be awkward affairs that need to be managed to avoid chaos. But what if that conference call loops you in to a mass layoff? Read More.
In This Issue
Where the Jobs Will Be in 2020
Coaching for ROI
How To Handle Mass Layoffs With Respect
What's New?
Adding to our decades of retained search experience, CMP is introducing a unique contingent search solution. Learn More...

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