January 2016

I hope and trust your 2016 has launched well. 
Often a new year prompts us to make commitments and facilitate change.  As we move into 2016 many of us will be putting together an annual development plan, looking to re-energize our career, or even initiating a search for a new job.  If this is true of you, or someone you know, then I am confident you will find value in our January articles.
Also, take a look at  What's New .  We have a Spouse/Partner Program to support the fuller family for those in job transition to a new geography. And you can learn more about our contingent search solution.
Much regards,
Joe Frodsham

Are You On A Career Treadmill?

In our work with professionals, we have found that many feel like they are on a career treadmill - they are working hard and yet experiencing some combination of boredom and exhaustion without any sense that they are moving forward.  Often, they end up disengaged and going through the motions at work. Read More.

How are People Finding Jobs?

As a firm, CMP supports the Southlake Focus Group , which is a volunteer-run group dedicated to people in career transition. CMP Senior Consultant, Charlie Zinger, has supported this group each week for years. When people land in their next career, we ask them to provide feedback on how they sourced the job. This data provides an interesting snapshot. Read More.

The 4 Elements of a High Impact Development Plan

Now that 4 new elements are being added to the periodic table that we all memorized in our youth, it made me think of the 4 elements that are critical to a high impact development plan. 
Properly instituted development plans can provide the roadmap for success for new and existing employees. Read More.
What's New?

Among the top reasons for failed relocation's is the spouse or partner is unable to find employment in the new location. CMP now offers a Career Transition Program tailored to trailing spouses/partners. Read More.

Adding to our decades of retained search experience, CMP is introducing a unique contingent search solution.  Read More.
Joe Frodsham
Career Management Partners