January 2017

I trust this finds you moving into a terrific new year of possibilities.  As a firm, we are excited about the new year and chance to work with many of you.
In this month's newsletter we highlight key issues that our clients have been dealing with.
  • In "Why Do Employees Quit?" we highlight research on the fundamental human needs that need to be met in our work.  As companies meet these needs their retention and engagement will predictably increase.
  • In "The Emerging Agile Workforce" we outline the key trend in various forms of temporary working arrangements and what that means for talent selection and development.
  • In "3 Ways to Improve Your Company Performance with Gray Matter" we provide pragmatic suggestions for building a smarter organization.
We also have an exciting announcement - we have opened a Fort Worth office and appointed a local leader - Maryanne Piña - to lead our Fort Worth efforts. 
I hope you find these articles helpful. 
As always, we value your feedback.
Much Regards,
Joe Frodsham

The Emerging Agile Workforce - Real Implications 
Organizational leaders recognize their need for agile talent is growing. And, around the world, a generation of talented individuals in many fields are choosing an entrepreneurial, flexible or "agile" career. Read More. 
Why Do Employees Quit? The 5 Key Reasons
Employer's find it easier just to accept what most employees say in exit interviews. You know the usual answers- "more money," "better opportunity." Of course, we cannot hope to keep all our valued talent. But good employers care enough to try to understand why good people leave, especially when the departure could have been prevented. Read More.

3 Ways to Improve Your Company Performance with Gray Matter

At a macro level, the biggest predictor of individual success in a role is their level of intelligence. Specifically, their ability to thinking critically, solve problems and apply good judgement. Of course, this level of "Smarts" is increasingly important in larger leadership roles, and roles that require tacit or specialized information. Read More.

What's New?
CMP Makes Investment in Ft. Worth Area
Announcing New Local Office 
CMP has opened a new office location in Fort Worth, Texas. Their office in the Alliance Building (9800 Hillwood Parkway, First Floor, Fort Worth, TX 76177) will work with the Dallas office to better service clients and prospects in the Forth Worth and DFW mid-cities area.

"Our Fort Worth area clients have been a key part of our success for years, and a key element of our recent growth.  We are committed to the area and this investment will help us more closely support companies on the western side of the DFW Metroplex,"  said Joe Frodsham, President of CMP. 

Maryanne Pi
ñ a will be leading the Fort Worth Office in her dual role of Office Leader and Director of Research.  Ms. Pi ña has a deep background in developing people and educators.  Most recently Piña held a role within Forth Worth Independent School District where she was focused on building teacher capacity through literacy, dual-language content, one-on-one consultation and classroom training.  "Maryanne brings a deep understanding of adult development and learning, and a history of impact within the Fort Worth community," says Joe Frodsham.  "In her new role she will be our face to the Fort Worth Community while continuing to support the most contemporary solutions with her client-centered research."
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