November 2015  
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Joe Frodsham
It has been a busy fall season for CMP in which we have enjoyed partnering with our clients on some timeless, and emerging talent issues.  Whether old or new, these talent issues are of critical importance to business success. In our November issue, we are offering some articles that help address these current and common talent issues:
  • Ten Actionable Talent Acquisition Trends  - sourcing and attracting the right talent continues to be a key focus.  However, the recruiting landscape is dynamic and ever evolving.  This article highlights trends that have direct ramifications for your talent acquisition strategy and tactics.
  • Succession Planning Roadmap - filling your internal talent pipeline continues to be an area of critical focus.  As I heard one Board Member recently say, "our strategy will be constrained by a lack of talent if we don't get our talent development right."  This article outlines some key principles and practices for implementing and/or improving your succession planning.
  • 5 Tips for Downsizing With Dignity While Avoiding Lawsuits - when the difficult decision is made, it is critical that you downsize so you (the Company) and the employee are as comfortable as possible with the process.  Whether you are reducing one, or one-thousand employees, this article can help ensure you do so with dignity for the individual while protecting your Brand.
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Ten Actionable Talent Acquisition Strategies
Moving into 2016, it is critical to consider key talent acquisition trends as you refresh your Talent Acquisition strategy and tactics. Below are 10 trends that will continue to make a difference in talent acquisition (TA) in 2016. Think about which ones provide an opportunity for you to improve... Read More.
Succession Planning Roadmap
If your CEO has a sudden heart attack, do you know who will take the chief executive's place? What if your top executives are wooed away to another firm? Do you have the next generation of leaders ready to fill those roles? If not, you may end up with an empty C-suite-or worse, underqualified people moving into leadership roles because there is no one better to take over. Read More.
Tips for Downsizing with Dignity While Avoiding Lawsuits 

Nobody wants to do it, but sometimes, there just isn't any other alternative. In the world of business, tough times means taking tough turns-and opting for tough solutions. Downsizing or layoffs is one such "necessary evil", and one that should be used effectively to avoid objection or lawsuits. Read More.
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Ten Actionable Talent Acquisition Trends
Succession Planning Roadmap
5 Tips for Downsizing with Dignity While Avoiding Lawsuits
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