November 2016

We hope this finds you well and finishing 2016 strong.  
At CMP, we have had an eventful 2016.  Overall, it has been a great year.
It is interesting to see the emergence of common issues across our client companies and industries.  Our objective in these newsletters is to provide you with information on these common and emerging issues, and more specifically share the insights that our clients have found useful. 
To that end, in this newsletter we have articles representing talent issues across our client organizations.  I suspect there is something below for you:
  • Get to the Core of Employee Engagement provides a concise overview of a new model for engaging your employees from the inside out.
  • Leveraging our Failure: Key Project Behaviors offers summary insights from years of learning the hard way.
  • Interviewing for Honesty: How to Spot Liars lists key indicators of dishonesty when screening candidates - this can help you avoid some bad hires.
We also provide information on our assessment for selection and assessment for development approaches.  And, if you have a few minutes, take the Career Wealth Indicator to uncover your current level of career engagement.
As always, we value your feedback.
Much Regards,
Joe Frodsham

Get to the Core of Employee Engagement
As a manager, do you deal with detached employees? Are you constantly wondering how to keep some people motivated and engaged? Read More. 
Leveraging our Failure: Key Project Behaviors  

We all want to be positive, embrace an optimistic future, and focus on possibilities. This is especially true in managing projects and introducing change into an organization. We see the possibilities at the other end of the change, it can be exciting . . . however, the change can't simply be declared and expected to happen. The journey needs to be led and managed. Read More. 

Interviewing for Honesty: How to Spot Liars 
Sometimes what seems obvious isn't. How do you spot the subtle yet critical cues that tell you if someone is lying or telling the truth?
Drenched shirts. Trembling hands. Failure to meet your gaze. Are these dead giveaways of a lying interviewee? Or might these simply be normal behaviors of someone under the stress of being judged. Read More. 
What is your Career Health?

Take this free, 5-minute survey to determine your current level of career health.

Joe Frodsham
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