October 2016

We hope this finds you moving into a terrific fall season.  
Our objective with these newsletters is to provide you with relevant information in a concise format.  To that end, in this fall newsletter we have articles representing current issues across our client organizations.  I am sure there is something below for you:
  • The Decline of LinkedIn provides an overview of the erosion of LinkedIn as a tool for candidates and recruiters.
  • Hey Boss  . . .  should deliver at least one insight to help you influence and lead even better.
  • 5 Key Practices of Effective and Compassionate Layoffs outlines a blueprint for protecting your brand and the company assets during a downsizing event.
We also provide information on our change management support.  And, if you have a few minutes, take the Career Wealth Indicator to uncover your current level of career engagement.
As always, we value your feedback.
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The Decline of LinkedIn: Why are Recruiters and Candidates Looking Elsewhere?
Many of us use LinkedIn to connect with relevant people in our industries and make contacts when looking for a new job or career change. As a recruitment tool, however, it is now declining as a result of a fundamental shift which is altering the way in which executives find and appoint talented staff. Read More. 

Hey Boss . . . What Your Employees Are Thinking and Not Telling You

Chances are, your employees aren't going to come up to you one day and give you a piece of their mind. This could be for many reasons-maybe they don't feel comfortable, maybe you don't have a culture of transparency, or maybe they value their jobs, to name a few. Read more.

5 Key Practices of Effective and Compassionate Layoffs
Reductions in your workforce are never easy and they always create uncertainty and fear. However, you can conduct layoffs in such a way that you build credibility and develop as a company. Read More.
What's New?

Change Management - Leading Change for Real Impact
According to the Project Management Institute, nearly 70% of projects fail to meet their goals, and about 17% fail outright. Read more. 
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