CMP Surplus Ammunition purchase is open

to all qualified individuals!

As recently announced, the Civilian Marksmanship Program has acquired a supply of surplus ammunition. Starting today, April 11, 2023, qualified individuals will be able to purchase surplus .30-06, 400 round cans; .30 Carbine in 240 round boxes; and .22 in a 500-round brick. Those wishing to purchase can use the CMP Universal Order Form on the CMP website at to place their order. Customers must have a current CMP affiliated club membership and proof of citizenship.  

CMP has set a limit of 1 can for the .3006 ammunition, 2 boxes of .30 Carbine, and 2 bricks of .22 per person.  Orders will be processed in a first-come, first-served sequence.  Ammunition will be available via E-Store and mail order.  The Ohio store will have an allocated amount of each caliber available for customers to purchase.  The ammunition will ship from Anniston and not physically available in the Ohio store.  Anniston and Talladega will also have allocated amounts available for store customers to purchase and will be physically available in the store.    

Additionally, certain quantities of the ammunition will be reserved for competitors to buy at CMP events and for multiple years. For example, later this year ammunition will be for sale for registered and qualifying competitors at the Eastern Games, CMP Bianchi Cup, the Talladega 600, the National Matches and the New England Games. Competitors will fill out order forms at these events and the ammunition will be shipped from Anniston AL.    

Item # 4S3006LCM2-400 (Limit one can per customer)  

$392 per can plus $21 S&H (AK & HI S&H is $102)

Item # 4S30CARB-240 (Limit 2 boxes per customer)

$108 per box plus $12.95 S&H (AK & HI S&H is $74)

Item # 4S22PISTOL-500 (Limit 2 bricks per customer.)

$40 per brick plus $12.95 S&H (AK & HI S&H is $68.95)

*Shipping prices are per item*  

Surplus Ammo DOES NOT qualify for free shipping.


As a reminder, commercial ammunition sales are currently available on the CMP E-Store to qualified individuals. Register for an account or browse the CMP E-Store.

Customers are encouraged to sign up for CMP Sales updates to receive email notifications at Any specific questions regarding the surplus ammunition can be directed to CMP Customer Service at