Ontario Government Strengthening Response to Omicron
In response to the rapidly-spreading and highly transmissible Omicron variant, the Ontario government, in consultation with the Chief Medical Officer of Health, has applied additional public health and workplace safety measures, including capacity and social gathering limits for indoor public settings.

The CMRAO continues to monitor the situation and posts updates from the Ontario government on our website. This pandemic is constantly evolving, and the CMRAO is here to provide support to condominium communities across the province. Condominium managers can continue to contact the CMRAO by email or phone for information during this time.
New Education Program Sets Standards for Excellence in Condominium Management
New education requirements came into effect on November 1, 2021, to ensure that all individuals licensed by the CMRAO meet a defined standard of education. The new education program consists of six courses, including Excellence in Condominium Management, a mandatory course that applicants must successfully complete to qualify for a Limited Licence.

The Excellence in Condominium Management course is a hybrid learning experience consisting of ten online eLearning modules, three mandatory instructor-led sessions, and a final proctored exam. Learners must complete all ten modules and attend and participate in the three instructor-led sessions before they are permitted to write the final exam. This course also offers virtual “office hours” where learners can interact with the instructor to gain guidance and assistance through their course journey.
Thirty-seven individuals registered for the first session of the course, which began on November 16, 2021. Robert Buckler, an experienced condominium manager, facilitated the instructor-led sessions and provided learners with foundational knowledge about the industry that will set a consistent standard of excellence for new condominium managers in Ontario. These education sessions provided information about how a condominium is created, outlined the legislation that governs the industry, and discussed the realities of a career in condominium management.

The CMRAO will offer the course regularly to ensure that individuals interested in entering Ontario’s condominium management industry can meet the mandatory requirements to obtain a Limited Licence, and be well-prepared for the first day on the job.
Award-winning Education Program
Each year, the Institute for Performance and Learning (I4PL), the national industry association for learning and development professionals, invites submissions to its Awards of Excellence program to recognize and celebrate Canada’s most outstanding performance and learning projects. Award-winning projects are those that go beyond basic competencies, are innovative in their approach, and that ultimately focus on the impact of the learning journey.

The CMRAO is pleased to announce that its new education program has won an Award of Excellence for curriculum development, and would like to thank Metrix Group, the consultants selected to develop the program. We would also like to thank the CMRAO Advisory Committee and the subject matter experts who guided the curriculum development over the duration of this project to ensure that the real-world knowledge a condominium manager needs on the job is rooted within the education program.

Information about the new education program, which came into effect on November 1, 2021, is available on the CMRAO website.

Watch this short video about the CMRAO’s award-winning education program:
CMRAO Launches Redesigned Website
The CMRAO launched its new website last month, which features a new look and feel, and expanded content for condominium managers, boards and owners/residents. The CMRAO’s new website responds to feedback received from the condominium community, and has been redesigned so that the content is more visually appealing, as well as easier for users to navigate.

The new Industry Snapshot section is featured on the homepage to provide public reporting on the CMRAO’s licensing and regulatory activities and provide additional insight into the CMRAO’s operations. Handling complaints is an important aspect of public protection, and the new website now features expanded content about the types of complaints that are within the CMRAO’s mandate, elaborates on the different stages of the complaints process and what to expect at each stage, and provides service standards that the CMRAO strives to meet.

In response to feedback received from the sector, the CMRAO developed an interactive management directory to help condominium corporations connect to a local condominium management provider business. The tool allows corporations and members of the public to search for provider businesses based on the areas where they provide service.

The Becoming a Condominium Manager section is another new feature on the website that provides information for individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in the condominium management sector. Condominium boards and owners/residents will also find relevant content on the new website. There is now information to help boards and residents understand what to expect from their condominium management provider, as well as a section that responds to a number of frequently asked questions.

The CMRAO is committed to providing useful tools, valuable resources, and important information about the condominium management sector, and the new website is where this information can be easily accessed.

We would like to thank members of the CMRAO Advisory Committee whose valuable feedback helped to shape the structure and content of the new website.
Ask the CMRAO Webinar
On October 15, 2021, the CMRAO hosted its Ask the CMRAO webinar, presented by Ali Arlani, CEO and Registrar, and Sandy Vizely, Deputy Registrar. The webinar was an opportunity for the CMRAO to address questions from the sector, and covered a variety of topics about the CMRAO’s operations, education requirements, and the complaints process. It was attended by condominium managers, board directors, and condo owners, as well as condominium professionals.

The CMRAO received additional questions during and after the webinar, which will be answered and posted on the CMRAO website soon.

The webinar presentation and recording are now available.
Licensing Update
The CMRAO handles complaints by conducting inspections and investigations, assisting in issues resolution, holding discipline hearings, and taking corrective actions. What follows is a summary of the complaints received over the last year. This is information the CMRAO will be sharing about the work we do to protect consumers and regulate Ontario’s rapidly growing condominium management sector.
Satisfaction Survey Launches February 1
In February 2022, the CMRAO will launch its third satisfaction survey. In previous surveys, the CMRAO received important feedback from the Ontario’s condominium sector that informed our service delivery and communications activities.

View the results of the 2020 survey on the CMRAO website to see what licensees and stakeholders had to say about the CMRAO.
Condominium Insurance Consultations
The Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, with support from the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, is conducting consultations for feedback on condominium insurance issues.

The consultations will give the Ministry a better understanding of the issues that the condominium community is facing in Ontario’s insurance market, including insurance affordability and availability for condominium corporations, and the definition of “standard unit” under the Condominium Act, 1998.

The feedback form is available until 5 p.m. on January 31, 2022.
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