Report from the CMS Board of Directors - Nov. 8, 2019
Dear colleague,

I am excited to report the outcomes of the first of six board of directors’ meetings during my term as your president. Your thoughts and input in a reply to this communication will be greatly appreciated.

1. Year-End Achievements: The CMS fiscal year runs from Oct. 1 through Sept. 30 of each year. The board reviewed the major accomplishments of the year in an excellent report made by Immediate Past President Debra J. Parsons, MD. Highlights include:
  • Maintained Colorado’s enviable liability climate (in partnership with COPIC).
  • Successfully reenacted professional review while turning back a determined, two-year effort by trial lawyers to make these vital professional review records discoverable in civil litigation (in partnership with COPIC).
  • Enacted pro-physician, patient prior authorization reforms.
  • Enacted measures to help reverse the public health crisis caused by opioid abuse and misuse, while fighting for physicians’ rights to make decisions for their patients.
  • Blocked an effort by chiropractors to use the term “chiropractic physician.”

Click here to review Dr. Parsons entire year-end-report.

2. Public Policy: Colorado’s health care public policy environment will continue to be highly robust. Controlling health care costs will permeate across the spectrum of debates. CMS is well positioned to fight for physicians in the 2020 Colorado General Assembly.

Click here to read the major points presented to the board by professional physician advocates.
3. Board Best Practices: The board continued its focus on governing CMS based on industry best standards. The board continues to adopt and refine 21st century governance practices. 

4. Central Line: The board carefully considered input from physician members like you from across the state when the board took action on the proposal Commercial Determinants of Health. You will soon get an email notification from your board member via Central Line about action taken on this proposal. About 30 seconds (and no login required) is all it will take for you to respond and tell us if the board “got it right” on this proposal. If a majority of those voting disagree with the board’s decision, the issue will be reconsidered at the board’s November meeting.

5. The 2020 Annual Meeting: The board voted to hold the 2020 annual meeting as a one-day event in Denver to include CME, the inaugural gala and the option for members to attend the board meeting. In addition, the board will explore a livestream event in a different location in the state to enable participation by members who would have to travel great distances.  

6. Minutes-Consent Calendar-Appointments: Click here to read the minutes of the September meeting and the consent calendar
Your thoughts and feedback on these outcomes from today’s meeting are very important to me, as well any input you have on issues that are important to you that I should know as your president. Simply reply to this email to provide me with your thoughts.
David Markenson, MD
President, Colorado Medical Society