CMS Digest - December 9, 2020
T4 Login Dashboard
Currently, you are taken to the Site Structure when you log in. On December 15th you will see a dashboard when you login.
The dashboard will give you information about your content types, recent activity, and a few other things.

It will look something like this:
The dashboard will contain a link to the Site Structure. You can also use the Site Structure button in the top right navigation.
Inactive Content Purge December 21
All inactive content will be purged from the system on December 21.

Content becomes inactive when you delete it.

This includes:
  • content types
  • media library items
  • sections
  • all child sections of inactive sections

Purging will permanently remove content. Once purged, it can't be retrieved.

´╗┐Information about inactive content and preventing content from being purged:
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