CMS Digest
Change your page layout

You can choose from 3 layouts.
You only need to change the layout of your homepage. All subsections will switch automatically.
Do not change the layout on every section of your site.

Staff Directory Layout Generator

You can now change the layout of your staff directory. Previously, it was a convoluted process. But with a mere 864 trial and error experiments, we figured out how to make it easier. ;)

Publishing Issues

This week, there have been issues with certain items not publishing correctly and navigation menus not being generated on some pages. These issues were resolved this morning. If you are still having these problems, contact us.
The Purge
All inactive (deleted) content will be purged on January 18.
If there are inactive content types, sections, or media library items that you want to keep, please open them and save them so they are labeled as pending.

Dave Van Etten

Joe Marley