CMS Digest
Student Training
If you have a student that would like CMS training before the semester ends, please have them complete this short scheduling survey.
We would like to choose a time that works well for students who still need it.
SiteImprove Training
A recording of the SiteImprove training call is now available.

Video will expire on May 3, 2019
New Material on TerminalFour's Knowledge Base
If you click on the Mortarboard button in the top left navigation of TerminalFour, you can take a look at the Knowledge Base and its documentation.

Previously, we didn't mention the Base because it was built around version 7. We have always used version 8.

They have rebuilt the Base with updated information and screenshots.

A few items that are covered in the Knowledge Base:

Subjects are thoroughly covered, often giving you more than you need to know.

The Knowledge Base does not contain any information specific to ISU or our installation of T4.

Dave Van Etten

Joe Marley